UDP MP drives off at the Barra ferry crossing, jumping line, and refusing to pay D600 dalasis crossing fee


This incident happened yesterday (Monday). This reporter was at the ferry terminal in a line behind over 30 vehicles. All of a sudden, a pickup (identified as one of those donated by Barrow to MPs) and belonging to one UDP MP from the north bank, barged into the barriers in full speed. The politician refused to join the line despite repeated calls by terminal workers at Barra to join the line.

Other motorists angrily protested against the behavior but the MP, flashing his double lights moved in front of the line and got into the ferry. He was heard telling ferry workers that they either let him in or he would contact their directors in Banjul. Distraught and feeling threatened, the ferry workers had no option but to let the MP through.

The ferry workers said he has repeated behaved this way at the terminal. It is also important to note that he was reported to not have purchased neither a ticket (D600) for his vehicle nor for any of his passengers. He was overheard telling workers that he is an honorable member and thus deserved privileged treatment. This reporter did not capture the MP’s full name except for him being address as ‘Suso’

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