The identity of the Niamina Kudang man, who was beheaded on Tuesday night by an unknown person, has been established. The victim’s name is one Bamba Darboe, an adult Bissau Guinean national. The late Darboe has been living in Kudang for almost a decade. He was found dead in the early hours of Tuesday at the Kudang old village market. Police said Darboe was beheaded and his body was at the old market.

Darboe’s body has been evacuated to the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital (EFSTH) hospital in Banjul. His killer(s) are at large.

The police are investigating the matter. No arrest has been made yet.

Mysterious killings are becoming prevalent in Niamina Kundang. In six months, three people have been murdered at the same spot and in the same manner, a source told us. Residents are of the believe that there is a serial killer at loose in that provincial settlement.

A mentally retarded man was found beheaded last year by the Kudang roadside. His killer(s) are yet to be found.

The murder incidents have been greeted with mixed reactions. While some are of believe that it could be linked to a serial killer, others suspect that there might be some sort of human sacrifice ritual going on. They have called on the police to beef up security in the village.

Kudang has an army military post and a police station. Residents are saddened and shocked that such repeated murders could happened in the village without the police and the army not knowing about it.

Human sacrifice is common in Africa. People aspiring for leadership positions have been accused of perpetrating such ritual sacrifices.

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