Today, we revisit the old days of Jammeh’s dictatorship. The former system had its good, bad, and ugly days. On the whole, Jammeh wasn’t the only person partying with the visiting Senegalese artists. His former Secretary General and Presidential Affairs Minister Momodou Sabally was a “secret player.”  Just kidding.

Jammeh Musa must be laughing this morning. His boy wasn’t that clam, good, and religious as he showcased.  Sabally should thank Jammeh. He should also thank  Fatou Camara ! Without Fatou, he couldn’t have access to the Senegalese celebrity. LOL!!

The poor Badibunka ghetto kid was a “partyholic.” He was spotted at a high end restaurant along the Senegambia strip joint with his former colleague Fatou Camara and singer Ida Samba. The trios would wonder how we got these pictures. Well someone is telling on them.  LOL!!! The snitch is not Yahya Jammeh.. LOL.

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