Banjul Babilized


Banjul Babilized

By Ebou Jallo, 25 February 2021

Dusk; then darkness descends on day

Niggerizing all but the heedless babblers,

The brooding beasts of polysemous nonsense.

“You dear not rattle your chain again

The wall is all there is in this mainland

What you fear is what you shall ever gain”

Thus, spake the Squealer rigging a crevasse.

“Lend me your ears! I too have a story

And it isn’t necessarily so – the media

Right isn’t right out of time and space;

And a part without a whole is pointless.”

The polyphony rages to a cesspit of doom

The towering babel drowns truth and charity;

A wasteland for the dullards and the duped.

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