Gambian government lied about the massacring of the 50 West African migrants mistaken as rebels-Gambia’s spy official tells truth commission


A senior official of Gambia’s spy agency has accused the former Jammeh government of lying about the massacre of the 50 West African nationals, who were mistaken as rebels. The migrants were arrested in July of 2005 and killed. Ousman  Jallow told the truth commission Wednesday that he was the officer, who processed the migrants before they were executed by Jammeh’s guards.  He said the government’s denial of not killing the migrants was a mere coverup, lies, devoid from the truth. He says the migrants were killed during Jammeh’s rule.

The migrants were rescued on the shores of Barra coastal fishing town and later held at the Barra police station. Three witnesses have so far testified.  Among them was Ousman Jallow, a veteran Gambian spy official. Jallow is a native of NIamina Dankunku Fullakunda.

 Jallow said he was the officer, who interviewed the migrants when they were held at the Barra station.  His investigations revealed that the migrants were reroute Europe. They were transported into the country by boat from Senegal. But they couldn’t get in touch with local  Gambian travel agent. That travel agent was weeks before the incident arrested for human trafficking, according to Jallow. Jallow was overseeing that probe.

According to Jallow, the migrants were mainly from Nigeria and Ghana.  He said they were not rebels as falsely claimed by the government.
Jallow said after processing the migrants, he  took them to different police stations in the Great Banjul Area.  Some of them were detained at a private residential home.
The migrants were stranded at the outskirt of the coastal fishing town of Barra.  They were traveling to Europe when they got stranded on the shores of Barra.  The boat that ferried them from Senegal  to The Gambia, later abandoned them around Barra.
Jallow has denied taking part in the killing of the migrants.  He said the last time he knew about the migrants whereabout was when he handed them to the police and the soldiers.
Jammeh later ordered his assassin team called the jungullars to kill the migrants.  They were executed and dumped into a well, said to be located in Senegalese soil.
Some of the migrants were killed and dumped in Gambia waters along the coastal fishing town of Brufut.  Their bodies were later recovered on the shores of the Brufut Ghana town fishing coastal locality.
Jallow has also said that  the two Gambian Americans: Alhagie Mamut Ceesay and Ebou Jobe who were reported missing were killed by dictator Jammeh.  Jallow was among the officers tasked to investigate the missing Americans.  He recalled traveling to Guinea Bissau with other officers to locate the two Americans. He said at the time of that trip,  Ceesay and Jobe had already been killed.
He said The  Gambian government was merely trying to fool the US government by initiating such a fake transnational investigations.
Jallow said he was the one who prepared the leasing agreement between the two Americans and their landlord.  Jallow is also a lawyer.
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