The newly elected People’s Progressive Party Kebba Jallow said he wouldn’t be disappointed if Touma Njie, the Banjul South MP, should resign from the PPP, FREEDOM NEWSPAPER CAN REPORT. He said no responsible political party would want to have such a divisive and polarizing member like Touma Njie.  “ I wouldn’t be disappointed if she  resigns from the party. To be honest with you, we do not need this type of character in the party, the kind of insulting character, the character of a person arrogant towards the party executive. She has to calm down to our level,” Mr. Jallow told me in a phone interview on Sunday.  

Jallow’s remarks followed a row at his party’s congress over the weekend, as one of the female candidates vying for the party’s leadership Toma Njie suddenly walked away from the congress, alleging corruption against the party.

Jallow has denied Mrs. Njie’s allegations. He in turn accused Mrs. Njie of bribing delegates in a bid to rig the congress. He said he has evidence to back up his claims.

The former KMC Chairman said the Congress was free, fair and transparent. He said Mrs. Njie had no strong ties with the party’s grassroots, hence which led to her defeat.

“She doesn’t know the party. She is very limited. She only knows Banjul. She is completely deterred from the party, completely disconnected,” Jallow said.

Mrs. Njie was in rage when she suddenly walked away from the PPP Congress. She was on video, accusing the PPP of corruption and lack of accountability.

Mr. Kebba Jallow said Mrs. Njie’s allegations lacked merit and should be treated as false and misleading. Jallow said Mrs. Njie wasn’t a productive member of the PPP. He also accused her of being ungrateful to the party.

“She just told everybody, even in the media that she was not elected by the PPP. She said she was supported and elected by Tahawal Banjul committee. So, that is a double standard there. She was sponsored by the party, but she is now saying the Tahawal Banjul voted for her. That is double standards. In fact, that is an infringement to the party principle. The committee have to look into all these things,” he said.

When asked whether Mrs. Njie was a genuine member of the party, Jallow replied in the negative.

“Personally, no. I don’t know what the party is going to say, but personally no. The reason being that she was never attached to the party, number one, she never consulted people in the party, when she goes to vote, she does what she wants, she never consults anyone for any issue that is in Parliament, that is another reason. She also confirms that she was elected by Tahawal Banjul, not PPP. So, she was not a member, she came in because she only want to protect the position and this was the same lady, who flouted..,” he said.

His message to Touma Njie is: “You cannot lead by force, She has to work for it.”

According to Mr. Jallow, Mrs. Njie was hell bent on inciting violence upon losing the elections. He added that he was repeatedly insulted by Mrs. Njie. He said Mrs. Njie branded him as a broke dude, who couldn’t feed his family, and couldn’t afford to build his own house.

“Her action yesterday was so bad, I don’t expect that from an honorable person. She was insulting, she was agitating, she was making people angry. We were very calm; we are very lucky otherwise there was going to be a chaotic situation,” he said.

Mr. Jallow has called on Mrs. Njie to apologize to the PP for what he called for her hostile and unethical conduct.

Jallow has praised OJ Jallow for the fatherly role he has been rendering to the party. He described OJ as a true patriot, who has put country before any other interest.

Mrs. Njie couldn’t be reached for immediate comment.

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