Abuja talks failure: President Barrow orders for the withdrawal of the security assigned to his former VP Darboe


Things are not going well between President Barrow and Ousainou Darboe. The bad blood between the duos have worsen. Guess what happened? The security that was assigned to protect the former VP Ousainou Darboe and his family have been withdrawn from Darboe’s residence with immediate effect. The directive came from President Barrow.

Barrow’s move followed the recent collapsed of the Abuja talks. Almost all the parties were willing to accommodate the President’s quest to exclude his current term from the draft, but the opposition UDP disagrees.  UDP opposes any changes to be effected on the draft constitution.

The retroactive clause of the constitution was the main bone of contention at the Abuja talks.

The retroactive clause prevents President Barrow from running for more than two term in office. That never go down well with his supporters. Parliament rejected the draft, saying it was meant to deny President Barrow his current five-year mandate.

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