A Gambian MP has self-declared herself as the leader of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), Freedom Newspaper can report. Mrs. Toma Njie lost the PPP Congress to Kebba Jallow over the weekend. She has not only proclaimed herself as the leader of the party, but she has also appointed her own Executive to manage the affairs of the PPP. The PPP is Gambia’s oldest political party. This is the party that pioneered Gambia’s independence. The party under the leadership of the late Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara, has ruled The Gambia for over 30 years.

“To this effect, we the undersigned reject the constituted executive and demand for fresh elections to be held. Meanwhile, we are here to tell you that we have established an alternative executive pending proper, free, fair elections. And to that effect, I declare myself the party leader and the Secretary General of the PPP. This will be communicated, this shall be communicated to the IEC and as agreed by all regional chairs, they also declared Pa Ousainou Saho, as the Deputy Secretary General and the Deputy party leader of the party,”  she told a news conference on Monday.

Mrs. Njie’s proclaimed leadership of the party, followed wild allegations of corruption she peddled against the party, in the wake of the party’s concluded congress. She claimed that the Congress wasn’t fairly held, that it was marred by voter irregularities. She is calling for fresh elections to be held to fix the alleged fraud.

Mrs. Njie admitted that the congress was indeed chaotic as suggested by her opponent, who was declared the winner of the polls.

“It was not only chaotic but full of anomalies. A congress should not be conducted in a matter, we witnessed, especially given the history of the PPP and the high standards it has set over the years anchored on credibility and integrity,” she remarked.

“Being known for my resoluteness, I will not allow any compromise of my integrity to take place. Charles H Dire said and I quote “conduct reveals character and we best understand integrity when we see it leave out in a person’s life. This means that I shall not participate in any activity full of anomalies as detailed below and be held to ransom by a selected few,” she added.

Mrs. Njie alleged that there wasn’t due process during the congress. She has accused the party of violating key democratic standards that would facilitate a free, and fair election.

“Ladies and gentlemen, first there was no due process, second an agenda was never adopted, third delegates were never presented with a copy of the draft constitution and neither were taken through it, fourth normally, the regional chairpersons should have been provided copies as was agreed at the committee and all these was not done, yet they were expected to adopt a constitution. Six, no statement of accounts was reported to the delegates, neither were there a statement of the state of the party. Specific requests for financial statements were made by the delegates, stating that elections should only be held once the financial statements were produced. These requests were reasonable ones, which any responsible organization should present willingly, especially to a congress being the highest authority comprising delegates from all regions in The Gambia,” she said.

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