The Lebanese born Gambian Ramzia Diab has accused Abdoulie Kujabi, the former Director General of the National Intelligence Agency of allegedly orchestrating the rift between Jammeh and the late Baba Kajali Jobe, Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Abdoulie Kujabi, she went on, had allegedly conspired with his Kujabi brothers, and others to lure Jammeh into bringing the exiled late Gambian warlord Koukie Samba Sanyang into the country. Koukie’s secret visit, she said, was geared towards creating a Jolla hegemony, in which Jammeh’s trusted aide Baba Jobe could be eliminated. She said Koukoie was brought in the country without Baba’s knowledge. He was hosted at Lai Mboge’s hotel, she said.

Ramzia said she discovered about Koukoie secret visit, while traveling around Manjie-kunda. She saw Koukie at a motel in Manjie. Koukie was escorted by Jammeh’s guards and a protocol officer, she said.

She was traveling with Ousman Badjie, Gambia’s former Interior Minister, when she saw Koukoie.

“I told Ousman to take a look at the motel door. I told him that, that person standing, wearing a dark glass is Koukoie. Ousman then advised me not to discuss Koukie’s presence in the country with anybody. At first, when I told him that Koukoie was in town, he was in denial. He finally agreed upon seeing him,” she told me during a phone conversation some years before the fall of Jammeh.

Mrs. Diab then later informed her late friend Baba Jobe about Koukoie’s presence in the country. Baba, she said, was initially in denial. He wasn’t convinced that Koukie was in the country.

When Baba asked Jammeh about Koukoie’s visit, she said Jammeh categorically denied having knowledge about it. A day or so later, she added, the local press had reported the story , and portrayed Baba Jobe as Koukie’s host. She said the coordinated hit piece on Baba was calculated to soil Baba’s reputation.

According to Mrs. Diab, Aboulie Kujabi was the main guy behind the alleged blackmail against Mr. Jobe. That he (Kujabi) had allegedly conspired with Jammeh to disparage Jobe’s image.

“Baba was opposed to Koukie’s visit. He even told me that if he sees Koukoie he was going to kill him. That Koukoie was behind the 19981 rebellion, which led to the death of many Gambians. That the regime’s association with Koukoie was going to have a devastating impact on the party, that Gambians would renounce their support for the APRC,” Ramzia said.

She said Koukoie was taken to Kanilai, where he had meetings with Jammeh during that trip. She added that Baba Jobe was sidelined and kept out of the loop.

She said Jammeh had repeatedly lied to Baba about Koukoie’s trip. Baba later found out that Koukoie had indeed visited the country.

“Baba was a true Jammeh loyalist. He never distrusted Jammeh. Each time, I tried to advise him to watch his back, he wouldn’t listen to me. He often brands me as someone crazy, he couldn’t understand where I was getting my stories from. He was always dismissive about anything that I said negative about Jammeh,” she remarked.

Ramzia said Baba Jobe was the main focal point between Jammeh and the late Muhammed Gadaffi of Libya. She added that Gadaffi had at the time severed ties with Koukoie, and Jobe was determined to do everything humanly possible to end any relationship between Koukoie and Jammeh.

Unfortunately for Baba, she said, his relationship with Jammeh went south years later after Koukoie’s secret visit to Banjul. She said Baba was later accused of plotting to overthrow Jammeh’s regime, an allegation she described as a blatant lie.

Jammeh first accused him of embezzling the National Youth Enterprise funds.

“Baba was ready to pay the alleged missing funds that Jammeh was claiming, but Jammeh wouldn’t accept his offer. He even asked him to take the money in his account and pay up the funds and take the balance, but Jammeh wouldn’t accept it. He was determined to jail him,” she said.

While Jobe was serving time in jail, he was escorted to the NIA main office in Banjul to speak to Jammeh on the phone. He was told by the late Daba Marena that Jammeh had wanted to speak to him.

“In his conversation with Baba, Jammeh confided to him that he was told that he (Baba) wanted to overthrow his government. In response, Baba told him that the allegations were false and unfounded. That if he had wanted to do so, he could have done it longtime ago, that he was the one entrusted to oversee Jammeh’s new millennium plane, that he (Baba) could have detonate a bomb into the plane and kill Jammeh,” Mrs. Diab remarked.

Mrs. Diab was the chief air hostess of the new millennium airline. She said the plane in question belongs to Jammeh but was registered in Baba Jobe’s name. Both Baba Jobe and the new millennium airline were slammed with a UN travel ban. The plane was linked to gun running in exchange for blood diamond.

“Jammeh betrayed Baba Jobe. Baba was ready to testify at the Hague. He later arrested him, slammed him with trumped up charges,” she said.

Jammeh wouldn’t release Baba Jobe after Jobe had finished his jail term. He ordered his assassin team to kill Jobe. Jobe was admitted at the RVTH private block in Banjul, where the jungullar strangulated him to death.

According to Mrs. Diab, the late Muhammed Gaddafi bought the new millennium plane for Jammeh. She said Gaddafi bought the plane from the Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout. Bout, widely known as the “merchant of death” is currently serving 25 years jail term in the United States.

Mrs. Diab said the plane was operated by a seven-man Russian crew. She told me that Victor Bout used to frequently visit Jammeh in Banjul.

Bout seized the plane from the late Central African dictator Jean-Bedel Bokassa. This followed monetary dispute between Bout and the late Bokassa. Gadaffi bought plane and gave it to Jammeh, she said.

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