Following her recent bombshell revelations on Jammeh’s betrayal scheme against the late Baba Kajali Jobe, and her wild accusations against the Kujabi family, alleging that they were responsible for Jobe’s strained relationship with the former dictator, Mr. James Kujabi, the former Deputy Head of Protocol at the State House, has punched back, branding Mrs. Diab as a “celebrated pathological liar, lousy and empty headed buffoon” who is out to maliciously disparage the reputation of his family, Freedom Newspaper can report. Speaking from his New York home, Mr. Kujabi, who is a younger brother to Gambia’s former spy chief Abdoulie Kujabi, has called on Mrs. Diab to “shut her NAA BOLO BOLO MOUTH” and leave his family in peace. “Ramzia is not well. She is mentally retarded. Keep in mind that she is a survivor of a plane crash. She has lost her mind. She has no credibility. She has been known as a liar. She is lousy, greedy, and empty headed,” Mr. Kujabi told me in a phone interview.

Kujabi was reacting to Mrs. Diab recent allegation, accusing the Kujabi family of being responsible for the strained relationship between Jammeh and the late Baba Jobe. The former nominated MP further alleged that it was the Kujabi family, who orchestrated Baba Jobe’s arrest. She said the Kujabis had also facilitated the Koukoi’s visit in Banjul. She went as far as accusing them of trying to cultivate a Jolla hegemony in The Gambia.

Reacting to the story, a calm, but furious James Kujabi felt that Ramzia has lied against his family. He said there was no iota of truth in Mrs. Diab’s baseless allegations.

“The late Baba Jobe was a good friend of the Kujabi family. My brother Abdoulie Kujabi lost his NIA Director Jobe because of Baba Jobe. He refused to arrest Baba when Jammeh issued a directive for his arrest. Abdoulie told Jammeh that Baba’s Youth Enterprise case was a civil matter and not criminal. He refused to arrest Baba. Unhappy with Abdoulie’s statement, Jammeh removed him from the NIA. He later appointed him Commissioner of West Coast Region,” Kujabi remarked.

Mr. Jobe was accused of embezzling YDE’s funds. He was later jailed.

“We never had any problem with Baba Jobe. Baba was a family friend. Baba was one of the most loyal people to Yahya Jammeh. Ramzia doesn’t know what she is talking about. She has no credibility. It is only in The Gambia that she would be appointed as an Ambassador, nominated as an MP. She is a total mess. She lies a lot,” Kujabi said.

Kujabi recalled Baba Jobe’s wife gracing a naming ceremony in Kombo Lamin, where he was named after someone’s baby.

“I was named after a child in Lamin and Baba’s wife attended the ceremony. If we were not in good terms, Baba wouldn’t have allowed her to attend. If Ramzia doesn’t know the type of relationship that existed between us and Baba, she should shut up and mind her business,” he said.

Kujabi said Baba’s bad blood relationship with Jammeh, was Jammeh’s own making. He said it would be hypocritical for Ramzia to falsely accused his family for something that they are not responsible for.

“Jammeh acted out of insecurity to part company with Baba Jobe. At the time, Jammeh had a fallout with the late Libyan President Gaddafi. It is common knowledge that Baba Jobe was very close to Gaddafi. Baba was the main conduit between Gaddafi and Jammeh. Having parted company with Gaddafi, Jammeh decided to alienate Baba, which led to Baba’s subsequent downfall. The problem between Baba and Jammeh wasn’t caused by anyone. That was Ramzia’s own packed of lies and imagination,” he said.

Kujabi told the Freedom Newspaper that Gaddafi had even offered to pay whatever amount of money that Baba owed to the YDE, but Jammeh refused.

“Ramzia is the black sheep of her family. The last time I used to hangout with her, she was an alcoholic, a big smoker, a cheater, and a liar. She was dating two ministers at the same time during Jammeh’s rule. I will elaborate on that story as we proceed with this interview,” he alleged.

Kujabi has dismissed Ramzia’s claims that the Kujabi family were trying to lure Jammeh to create a Jolla hegemony. He noted that only two Jollas were hired cabinet ministers when the Kujabis were in the government. The two ministers were: the late Famara Jatta, and Manlafi Jarju.

On Koukoie’s visit, he challenged Ramzia to explain what she was doing at the Badala park hotel. He said the person that Ramzia had claimed to have seen at a motel in Manjai, wasn’t Koukoie, as she falsely claimed.  Kujabi confirmed that Koukoie had indeed visited the country and the late Koukoie was Baba Jobe’s buddy.

“Baba Jobe was Koukoie’s boy. She doesn’t know what she was talking about. Koukoi cannot visit this country without Baba knowing about it. Baba was Jammeh’s most trusted aide. He wouldn’t disclose certain information to this liar called Ramzia Diab. She befriended Baba after Jammeh had fired her,” he said.

“I was closer to Jammeh than Baba. I used to enter in Jammeh’s bedroom. I do not need an appointment at the State House. I used to frequent the place anytime I wanted,” he remarked.


According to Mr. Kujabi, Ramzia Diab, was allegedly responsible for the divorce of Ousman Badjie, the former Interior Minister, and his Ex-police officer wife. The divorce stemmed from a 2001 airport incident, in which Mr. Badjie’s wife attacked Ramiza at the airport tarmac, leaving the former APRC MP to be hospitalized with various degrees of injuries on her body.

“Back in 2001, Ramzia, was at the airport with Ousman Badjie, the former Interior Minister to receive pilgrims from Mecca. At this time, she was accused of secretly dating with Ousman Badjie. Unbeknown to her, she was being followed by Ousman’s wife. When they reached the tarmac, Ousman’s wife suddenly pulled up on her, hit her on the back twice, forehead, shoulder, the back of her head with a wheel puller. She started bleeding excessively. She was rescued and taken to the Ndemban clinic, Jack Faal’s clinic for treatment. That was one of the biggest scandals in the country. It was treated on the down low, to protect Minister Badjie’s image and the government. It was a serious assault case involving the Interior Minister’s wife. She was a police officer at the time,” Kujabi remarked.

Kujabi alleged that Mrs. Diab was secretly dating two ministers at the time of her assault case. He added that Ousman Badjie never knew that Ramzia was dating one of his colleagues.

“When she got attacked by Ousman’s wife, she was taken to the Ndemban clinic to protect her from the public view. This was a private clinic. Her other minister sidekick administered a shoulder surgery on her. There is a scar on her forehead. She got that scar because of the wheel puller that Ousman’s wife hits her. She always covers it with hair,” he said.

Kujabi doesn’t want the former minister, who treated Ramzia to be revealed because he said, he doesn’t want to jeopardize his marriage. He has disclosed the former minister’s name with us, but he begged us not to disclose it on the paper.

Mr. Kujabi said he received a phone call from Ramzia while she (Ramzia) was at the airport battling the injuries that she had suffered from that tarmac attack. He added that it was Ramzia, who reported the incident to him.

According to Kujabi, the former dictator Yahya Jammeh was furious upon hearing the incident. Jammeh, he went on, had ordered for the arrest of Minister Badjie’s wife and her prosecution for attempted murder.

“Yahya instructed that the lady should be charged with attempted murder. He wanted to dismiss Ousman Badjie, but I prevailed on him. I saved Ousman Badjie from his job. Jammeh wanted to fire him but I prevailed on him. I told him that if charges should be pressed against Ousman’s wife, that would cause a major scandal for his government. That it also was not wise to sack Ousman, that it would cause a scandal,” he said.

Kujabi said the couple later divorced because of Ramzia.

“She broke that marriage. Ousman and his wife later divorced. The marriage ended. She jeopardized that marriage. She is a liar; she is not mentally stable. She is a plane crash survivor with multiple injuries on her head. She is still battling with that airport attack injury,” he further alleged.


Mr. Kujabi said Yahya Jammeh has no respect for Ramzia Diab. Ramzia, he went on, was always being belittled, disrespected and snubbed by Jammeh.

“We used to prevail on Jammeh to forgive her. Jammeh used to accuse her of stealing his money when she was heading Jammeh’s plane as air hostess. Jammeh used to claim that she wasn’t distributing the tips that he was giving his air hostesses. We were coming from a trip from Sudan, when Jammeh told me this. He snubbed Ramzia during that trip. He was never served by Ramzia throughout that trip. He was mad,” Kujabi said.

Jammeh later fired her and appointed Fatou Trawally, he said. Mrs. Trawally used to work at GIA. She later took over Jammeh’s plane. She was working with Kuru Kongira, he added.

“The Janneh commission was here, over 400 witnesses called. I was never mentioned at the Janneh commission. No Kujabi family was mentioned at the commission. We are clean, our credibility is in tack. Let Ramzia shut up and leave us. We are decent people,” he said.

James Kujabi said he and his family used to prevail on Jammeh to rule the country with humility and compassion.

“We are Jammeh’s victims. We parted with Jammeh in 2004, what followed later was a disaster. We started hearing about the Ghanaian massacre case and other atrocities,” he said.

Kujabi said his brother Abdoulie Kujabi was even praised by the TRRC for his honest and truthful testimony.


Kujabi has accused Ramzia of being ungrateful to the family of Laly Diab. He said Laly’s millionaire father Ahmed Diab had been very supportive to Ramzia’s family. He recalled Ramzia’s sister, being involved in a financial case and was rescued by Laly’s father. He added that if Mr. Diab had not settled those funds, Ramzia’s sister, would have been jailed.

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