A Gambian activist, who claimed that he was allegedly abducted this past Wednesday by some unknown men, and later got dumped at a Kotu graveyard, has said that he is not a dead man walking, and has vowed to continue with his democratic advocacy work amid what he calls “their desperate efforts to silence me.”  Kemesseng Sanneh, AKA Kexx Sanneh, made the statement in an interview with Freedom radio Gambia over the weekend.

Sanneh, who is an Executive member of the PDOIS political party left his Latrikunda home in the early hours of Wednesday morning (2:00 am) to buy food, when he got attacked on his way back to the house. He was accosted and forced to board a vehicle that was parked not far from his home. He claimed that he saw three people in the vehicle.

Sanneh was blindfolded, and pepper sprayed which rendered him unconscious. His attackers took him to an undisclosed location, where he was held for three nights.

“They told me that you thought you own this country; that you can say whatever you want to say, you can write whatever you want to write. You don’t know that people are monitoring you, but this is just the first one, but next time you will not get the opportunity,” he said.

Sanneh said when he enquired from his attacker, what was his crime to warrant his abduction, he was told to shut up. He said his attackers had even threatened to harm him.

“I knew that they were not going to kill me, because I haven’t done anything that should warrant anyone to kill me. At first, I thought it was a joke, I never took them seriously. I am not a threat to the nation. I do not expect anyone to attack or kill me. I don’t disturb people, I am more into my private life, why should anyone pick me up? I just don’t get it,” he added.

Sanneh said there was no witness to the incident. Though, he said prior to his abduction, some hooligans threw stones and broken bottles to his neighbor’s room.

It was after that incident that he went out to buy food. Sanneh said he never reported the first incident to the police because it pertains his neighbor.

When asked whether he was a dead man walking, given the fact that he (Sanneh) was dumped at a graveyard at Kotu by his captives. In response Sanneh said: “It is just an unfortunate situation that happens, but Kexx is alive talking to you. They thought that I am a coward, but the man has given me more courage to do what I am doing.”

Sanneh’s legs were tied when his attackers dumped him at the Koto cemetery. He said he was unconscious at this time.

As soon as he regained consciousness, Sanneh said he found himself at a cemetery. He tried to untie the rope that was tied on his legs. He cried for help and some passersby came to his aid. He was later taken to the Latrikunda police station, where he filed police complaint.

Sanneh was taken to the hospital, where he was treated and discharged. Sanneh said the police are currently investigating the people behind his abduction. The police are yet to effect any arrest.

Sanneh has denied stage managing his alleged abduction. He maintained that he was indeed abducted. The denial followed claims made online by some folks, who said they doubted the veracity of Kexx’s alleged abduction story.

Mr. Sanneh has called on the public to give chance to the police investigations. He refused to point accusing fingers against anyone for his alleged abduction saying: ” We should wait for the outcome of the police probe.”

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