There is mounting tension at the banned the three years jotna movement amid accusations and counter-accusations between the former Chairman of the movement Abdou Njie, and the De Facto leader of the movement Musa Koteh, AKA King Sports, Freedom Newspaper can report. As we report, the row between Njie and Koteh has escalated with the duos exposing their dirty leans in the public domain.

In a WhatsApp audio message, a ranting Abdou Njie, felt that he and his colleagues have been used by King Sports to embark on a struggle to mount pressure on President Barrow respect the three years transitional rule that he had promised Gambians. He has branded King Sports as coward and also a selfish individual.

“He never showed up to attend our first and second protest march. He told us that he was coming in December, but he never came. He lied to us,” Abdou Njie said.

Mr. Njie has also accused King Sports of neglecting the members of Movement. He also said King Sports lacked the virtues of a good leader.

“He told us that he was going to secure us lawyers when we got charged by the state. To our surprise, he hasn’t fulfill his promise. We are represented by some lawyers on pro bono basis. King Sports has not given us a single dalasi. He hasn’t given me a single dalasi,” he lamented.

Njie has four wives. He said he buys two bags of rice to feed his family.

“His name is not King Sports. His real name is Mus Koteh. He is a coward. He lured us into this three years jotna struggle only to abandon us. He is sitting in America, asking people to protest, when he wouldn’t allow his wife to join the protest. I was the one, who asked the other ladies not to protest following our arrest. It is unfair for them to sit overseas and ask our sisters to protest, when they wouldn’t allow their family members to protest. That’s hypocritical,” Njie posited.

Mr. Njie has also accused King Sports of orchestrating his removal as the Chairman of the three years jotna movement.  He said he was detained in jail when King Sports replaced him with Dodou Kassa Jatta.

“King Sports is a divisive leader; he is very insincere. Could you imagine that he replaced me with Dodou Kassa Jatta while we were detained? He is not a leader. He threw us under the bus just for his own selfish interest,” he said.

“I heard him saying that he is going to expose me, let him go ahead. I have nothing to hide. My hands are clean. I am not a cheater, I am not an adulterer, I do not owe anyone money, I am not in hiding, I can walk around this country without bending my head,” he added.

In response, an emotional King Sports debunked Mr. Njie’s allegations describing it as false and baseless. He went as far as insulting Abdou Njie’s parents.

The three years jotna leader, has in turn accused Mr. Njie of being a pathological liar and a betrayer. He said Njie was talking out of malice and there was no iota of truth into his allegations.

According to King Sports, he (Musa Koteh) had used his own money to help feed the families of the detained three years jotna Executive members including Abdou Njie. He added that he has witnesses, who could corroborate his story.

He said his own wife was given rice, cooking oil and money to hand it over to the Abdou Njie’s family. He also said he had extending a helping hand during Mr. Njie’s naming ceremony.

He recalled buying fruits to feed the three years jotna detainees.

King Sports said the root of his beef with Mr. Njie stemmed from the newly formed Mandinka society. He also said Njie wasn’t happy that Dodou Kassa Jatta had replaced him.

“I want Abdou Njie to know that his father and mother doesn’t own three years jotna. Three years jotna is not a government. No one owns three years jotna. He has been lying against me, that we haven’t given him a single dalasi. What a liar? I secured them lawyers. I have also been sending them money to help upkeep their families. Abdou Njie should know that we work very hard for our money here,” he said.

King Sports has vowed to expose some of the private conversation audio messages he had with Abdou Njie, if Mr. Njie should further falsely accuse him.

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