Assistant National Coach Alhagie Sarr Is Likely Going To Secure His Full-time Coaching Contract-GFF General Secretary Jassey Reveals


The Assistant Coach of Gambia’s National Team Alhagie Sarr is likely to going to secure a full time contractual appointment, according to Lamin Jassey, the General Secretary of The Gambia Football Federation. Mr. Jassey said the issue of a coach’s contractual appointment is usually handled by the Government. He said Mr. Sarr has been on salary appointment.

The Scorpions Belgian Coach Tom Saintfiet was recently handed a five-year coaching contract. The extension of his contact coincided with his 48 years birthday.

The career coach Saintfiet took the National Team to AFCON, the first time in the nation’s sporting history. The Scorpions are now qualified to take part in the AFCON series scheduled to take place next year.

Speaking to Freedom radio Gambia, Mr. Jassey thanked The Gambian government for standing by the GFF. He said the government has been chattering flights for the national team to help facilitate the football body’s  transportation and other expenses.

When asked whether he was hopeful that Coach Sarr might be considered for a contractual job at the GFF, Jassey replied in the affirmative.

“We are hopeful that the senior national team affairs may be totally handle by them and in that case the assistant coach will not be forgotten. I can guarantee you that. I can guarantee you that,” Jassey remarked.

He said: “Alhagie Sarr was a former international player, who had coached many teams, including Wallidan, Real, and I think he is one of the best coaches. He is from Banjul.”

Jassey said he is not in the position to authoritatively speak on Mr. Sarr’s possible coaching contract. But on the same vein, he thinks that Sarr might be considered for a full time contractual appointment.

“I don’t know all the conditions… Right now, I don’t want to preempt that. I don’t want to preempt it. Like I said, even the coaches are appointed by the government. You know. That one in fact is outside the GFF purview. What GFF does is, we are the one, who will identify because we had the technical expertise in that area. So, we go and identify and present it to the government,” he said.

He added that the GFF technical development committee headed by Ebou Faye and Cherno Barra Touray responsible for the recruitment of coaches and other technical issues regarding the football federation.

In another development, Mr. Jassey said the future of Gambia’s future looks good and promising. He added that many youngsters have been signed to play overseas.

“We have 110 people confirmed that are playing abroad. 110 people are playing abroad. These are Gambians. So, imagine each of them Pa, average may send let say $10,000 dollars based on their earning back home. If you do your math a month, if you do your math, that is a lot of foreign exchange.  And a lot of young people are now getting hope that yes, maybe even I don’t get a formal job, maybe this can be a career, maybe if I dropout at Grade 12, or Grade 11, or Grade 9, maybe I can pursue this as a career. So, it is generating hope and I am now glad that you are now paying attention to sports as well,” Jassey remarked.

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