Gambia’s pearl!


Gambia’s pearl!

It’s been a while since I wanted to write a panegyric about you, counsel, Melville Robertson Roberts. However, I was in a quandary; for I didn’t know in which accolade should I start?!

Firstly, You are a trained lawyer. Every field of study, in senior or high school, has it’s prestigious career field. For arts, it’s jurisprudence! Likewise medicine is to science.
Studying a particular area gives one a privilege over others. To be trained as a lawyer is one of the accolades one could be proud of. Although it happens, coincidentally, studying law does not, necessarily, mean you should hail from an affluent family; one must be brilliant and studious so as to study law. When you read law, you become a pearl amongst your folks. So, you, Mel, are a pearl amongst us! Be proud of yourself. Do not wait people to extol you; show them what you have and what you are capable of. Let people say what ever they will.
In the same vein, do not waste your time to pay attention the barkings!

Also, Mel you are an oxonian( an Oxford graduate). Being an oxonian qualifies one to be braggdocious about one’s alma mater. Being an Oxford graduate, one has to be, first of all, a brain. Not an ordinary one; an extraordinarily brilliant student! One who thinks differently; understands issues in a way different from others, critically! Nevertheless, one’s analysis, eventually, becomes the rule. You are an epitome of that, Mel!
Few days ago, when Kexx_ pdois’ youth secretary’s_ mysterious issue arose, most commentators, gullibly, sympathised with the “assumed gem .”
Apparently, Kexx was reportedly kidnapped. Accordingly, Kexx was abducted for a couple of days. As a result, people started pouring out their sentiments on social media, particularly, Facebook.
Many feigned-scholars started analysing without second thought. Some, even, went to an extent of advising him, Kexx, after being released by his, never happened, abductors, to go an file a complaint about his “abduction.”
All but one stood his ground to analyse the burning issue from a critical point of view.  This person is no other than: Melville Robertson Roberts!
Alas! People started to rebuke you. However, based on an incident occurred to him,Kexx, the other time, you argued this might be a similar misfortune circumstance but he was not kidnapped; because he was once hypnotised  by a scammer, he could be afflicted by a similar incident!
Whilst people debunked, you stopped to defend your view until you became the victor! You were accurate in your argument as though you were a soothsayer!
This is what it means to be an oxonian. In fact,  one has every right to be braggadocious about one’s alma mater when one acts as one. Therefore, Melville, you are a bonafide oxonian; for you act as one!

Moreover, in history, you are one  of the country’s youngest  deputy permanent secretaries; For you had the dream of a studious!

It’s the dream of every hard-working student to secure a very lucrative job after graduating from  university.
As they, the hard-working students, are going to school, they see many loopholes which cannot be fixed because of little or no resources, both physically and intellectually. After some assessments, they realise the only means to tackle this menace is: education! Thus, they buckle their belts  and speed down their reading. As a result, they come out as they plan their scholarships.

Consequently, they become managing people old enough to be their parents which you, Mel, are not an exception!

Finally, every average Gambian knows how badly we were ruled by Jammeh’s Machiavellian principles for over 22 years. During this period, Jammeh’s regime, we Gambians, were isolated, from the world, like an island.
However, Mel, it was during your tenure, as deputy permanent secretary for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, our boundaries started connecting with the outside world for there came, finally, a reign of”Democracy”.
Amongst others, it was during your time the Gambia returned back to the Commonwealth of Nations and ICC, International Criminal Court, after being withdrawn by the former president, Yahya Jammeh; in 2013 and 2016, respectively.
In conclusion, Mel, I cannot help but to stop; for I cannot exhaust your accolades. However, I would like to end it with a poem I wrote for you:

Let people say
What ever really they
Just wanna say

For some always say
Opinions without delay
A Positive belief and stay
Have it wait your day

Come what may
Even on first May
On that fateful day
It will be your day
Or your heyday

~ Ahmad Bamba Jobarteh.

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