The victims of dictator Yahya Jammeh’s tyrannical rule “should just suck it up and move on” according to President Barrow’s Defense Minister Sheikh Omar Faye. Mr. Faye made this statement over the weekend while talking to a Gambian online forum called “for the people and by the people show” aired on Facebook live streaming. The trios hosting the show: Pa Sama Jaw, Banka Manneh and Musa Jeng respectively, were exiled during Jammeh’s regime. Manneh, a US Citizen, has been jailed for plotting to overthrow Jammeh’s regime, while Jaw, had once been arrested for intruding into The Gambian Embassy during a protest march. Faye was the Ambassador at the time of Jaw’s arrest.

Jaw fired his question by stating: “I wanna assume that you are in total agreement with everything that is in the National Security Policy. If so, a section reads: In the last two decades, The Gambia witnessed a blatant abuse of Gambians, the use of the state apparatus primarily for political repression and self-interest. Given that, you have held so many positions in the government including, last of it was the Ambassador to here, how do you reconcile working for a government, that is Jammeh, a government that you promoted and defended around the world for so long as an Ambassador here, and given what you know, how do reconcile now agreeing with this aspect but at the same time the same government around the world, particularly here in Washington DC.”


In response, the former mediocre Ambassador and Jammeh enabler said: “Excellent. I enjoyed my tenue in Washington DC, and I am sure I have chased you on several times out of that Embassy of, of 2233 Wisconsin Avenue. So, somebody have to do the job, let us suck it up, let us understand we made mistakes, let us stop crying over spill milk, let us look for ways out, let us move on. This is my philosophy today. That is why we brought in the National Security Policy of this country because we never had one, maybe that also contributed to the blatant mistakes, abuses and so on. This is the National Security Policy for the first time in our country with all the noise that has been going on, we never had one.”

The clueless Defense Minister went further brag about his past role in defending and supporting Jammeh’s rule. He went as far as bragging about the portfolios that he had held during Jammeh’s decadent rule.

“I was Ambassador, I was Minister Youth and Sports, I was Director of Press and Public Relations, I was Deputy Head of Mission in Mauritania, I was Charge De’ just name it, but we made mistakes, I am ready to learn from those mistakes and I think together, we should map out the way forward and we can discuss it. I am more than happy and open to talk about it, but I want to build up on the new my friend. This is my philosophy, it is not going to change, but I respect your opinion, I respect your questions, and I will answer them to the best of my ability,” Faye remarked.

“That is why the National Security policy is here. Then we came to the National Security Strategy, we never had all these things my friends. We just been making, we just been talking on the table, we never had the documentation, we never put people into checks and balances. So, it was a whole mistake by a whole country, and I don’t think it is fair to be pointing finger to anybody, everybody did their own mistake here and there, and the honest people will apologize, will repent, and will try to look forward. Of course, we had the Security Reform Strategy, so, I have shown you some three documents that never existed in the history of this country and I don’t think it is wise to stay on the problem, we can talk about it, but I look forward to bringing Gambians on board including yourself, including me, to see what is best for Gambia Coach. I think let me stop there and listen,” he added.

Jaw disagreed with Faye’s assertion that everybody has committed mistake during Jammeh’s rule.

“I reject the notion that we all made a mistake. The mistakes were much greater than the other mistakes. But what would you say to the victims, who cannot suck it up? Who wants justice?” Jaw asked

Faye retorted: Which victims? Which victims?

Jaw: The Jammeh victims

Faye: The TRRC is going on my friend.

Jaw: I understand that, but in your submission, you suggested, let suck it up and stop the finger pointing.

Faye: I am telling you the truth.

Jaw: What I am saying is that this was not a victimless regime. This was a government that kills people. And in fact, this was why after you resigned, not resigned, after you endorsed Adama Barrow during the impasse and you were asked a question, are you fearful of your life, your answer was of course, because I know the record of this regime and something that they do.  So, why should the victims suck it up? You talked about apology, don’t you think that people who worked for Jammeh, promoted Jammeh, you did a lot of great work in the promotion of Jammeh here in DC, don’t you think that you owe The Gambian people that apology for promoting a regime?

Faye: For serving my country?

Jaw: Well for promoting a government that was killing Gambians.

Faye: That was the government of the day my friend.

Faye said he has no regrets for supporting and promoting Jammeh’s rule. He also refused to apologize for enabling the former regime.

In his hour-long interview, a condescending Omar Faye, has accused Gambians of being unpatriotic. He said he had worked with three past regimes, but his post return from exile to work with Jammeh’s government was a horrible one, after accusing the citizenry of being unpatriotic.

“Now I can compare Sir Dawda’s time, Yahya Jammeh’s time, and Adama Barrow’s time and God has given me that blessing, at least I have a feeling of working with different people, seeing the attitude of lot of people, seeing that there is a problem of patriotism, nationalism, all those things are lacking, with all the three governments I am working in, The Gambians are very laid back and including myself, we are not pro-active, and I have learned things were very slow especially when I came back from the States, I saw that things were very slow, people were very slow in doing things and I had to calm myself down sometime, I will be stressed out sometime, but sometime I will say you know what this is not the United States, this is Gambia and I cannot be one person, who will change two million people. So, let me take it easy and try to teach the people around, so, my brother, this is what I have done men,” said Faye.

Faye also lied during his interview by claiming that he was part of those campaigning against Jammeh’s regime. Co host Jeng told him that it was wrong for him(Faye) to call out people for talking, because according to Jeng, because of the same talking that he had complained about, had led to the fall of Jammeh’s despotic rule. “We were all part of the talk,” Faye shamelessly told Musa Jeng.

Faye said he hates politics. He claimed that he had discussed it with President Barrow. He said he is more of a professional army officer than a politician.

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