COVIMRO appoints Hon. Omar Sey as one of its 4 Advisory Board members in the globe


COVIMRO appoints Hon. Omar Sey as one of its 4 Advisory Board members in the globe.

By Saidina Alieu Jarjou

COVIMRO is a science-led orthomolecular healthcare institution with a growing team of scientists, innovators and creatives who are passionate about health and science, innovation, and helping people across the globe. It comprised of a dedicated team that is committed to pushing the envelope of science and technology. In this pursuit, the leading science based institution hope to bring useful ideas to the forefront which can positively impact people’s lives as we deal with this pandemic.The institution is developing safe and effective virus agnostic treatment models that will revolutionize the way we protect ourselves against the Coronavirus.

Hon. Omar Sey who holds a Master of Science Degree in Community Eye Health is the only African descend among the team of 4 on the Advisory Board. He was the former Minister of Health and Social Welfare, a position he assumed from August 2013 to January 2017. Before his assignment, he was Chief Executive Officer of the AFPRC General Hospital from 2004 – 2009. From October 2009 to 2011/12 he was the Deputy Permanent Secretary Technical, Ministry of Health and Social Welfare.

Hon. Sey championed the implementation of the ‘SAFE’ strategy of the World Health Organization in Trachoma control and the introduction of ‘SMS for Health’ in Medicine and Disease control in The Gambia. He coordinated the first ever screening of People with Intellectual Disabilities in The Gambia and has participated in many international forums as a guest speaker in Africa Health Services.

Reacting to his appointment he said “wealthy nations have hoarded enough (covid) doses to vaccinate their entire population nearly three times over, leaving some 67 developing countries (such as the Gambia) with only enough supplies to vaccinate one in ten of the population. Vaccine diplomacy affects poorer nations significantly especially given the huge reliance on donations paired with the dearth of vaccination supplies as people continue to die in the millions. I have a strong belief that Covimro products, whilst not an alternative to the vaccine, will be invaluable in helping to close the gap in the fight to control the pandemic.”

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