He was 36 years old when Jammeh appointed him Attorney General and Minister of Justice back in 2006. At the time of his appointment, Kebba Sanyang, was a Principal magistrate. He had held the position of First-Class magistrate, and Senior magistrate respectively before his elevation to the position of Principal magistrate. Sanyang had studied law in Sierra Leone and Ghana. He was one of the youngest AGS that has ever been appointed in that position.

According to the Afro news, “President Yahya Jammeh has left Gambians dumbfounded as he appointed a principal magistrate in the country’s lower court to fill the portfolio of Justice Minister, which has remained vacant since he dissolved the cabinet on 19 October this year,” (Source: http://afrol.com/articles/22619).

Principal Magistrate Kebba Sanyang, who has been presiding over the case of journalist Lamin Fatty of the ‘Independent Newspaper’, was appointed the Attorney General and Minister of Justice on Monday, the online site reported.

Critics sounded that Mr Sanyang was expecting the appointment that was why he had shifted his previous decision to strike out Mr Fatty’s case, despite receiving pressures from the defense counsel to honor his promise, it further reported.

A native of provincial Gambia, Lawyer Sanyang is expected to appear before the TRRC this morning. He is going to testify on issues relating to the operations of the Justice Ministry, his past role as a magistrate in the judiciary, and the administration of justice in The Gambia. The circumstances that led to his sacking would also become a matter of topic during his testimony.

Mr. Sanyang never stayed long on the job. He was later fired.

Sanyang is likely going to face the conflicted TRRC Lead Counsel and “Banjul show boy” Essa Faal. Faal has been accused by his critics of being selective in the type of witnesses that he processed at the TRRC. He occasionally tries to perjure witnesses while taking evidence from them. The ridiculing and blasting of witnesses, accusing them of lying to the commission have been documented on sessions that he presided over. Witnesses who failed to give answers or responses of his liking are often called out, and on some occasions threatened with contempt charges.

Mr. Faal has not been processing witnessing since the testimony of Fafa Edrissa M’Bai, Gambia’s former AG and Minister of Justice. He took a backseat and allowed his juniors to process the other high profile witnesses.

The two former Justice Ministers, were processed by junior counsels of the commission.  AG Joseph Joof was attended by counsel Mariama Singhateh, whilst the junta’s former acting AG Amie Bensouda was processed by Counsel Cecilia Sagar Thomas Jahateh.

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