Comforts Ousman Njai Clarifies Over ‘Price Increment’ On Vehicle With Defective Number Plates

Comfort Quality Service Company Ltd Chief Operating Officer, Ousman Njai, has addressed the controversy about a price increase for vehicle having defective vehicle registration plate.
“Comfort cannot increase the prices. We don’t determine prices,” he told Freedomnewspaper in a laconic tone.
Located along Gacem Road in Kanifing Industrial Estate, Comfort was awarded in 2018 by Gambia government the contract for the production of aluminium vehicle and motorcycle registration plates.
In an attempt to set the record straight, Njai said they offer D630 per plate as stipulated in their contract document.
“That is exactly what we get,” he emphasized while indicating he doesn’t understand why some people are busy hyping up wrong information about Comfort.
According to him, they are in a contract with gov’t and any price increase on number plate has to do with government.
“It is just a Value Added Tax (VAT) charge which is required by the country’s legislation,” he opined. “There is no price increase.”
Written by Abdoulie John
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