How some Gambian Lawyers turn into Coupists within 24 hours.


How some Gambian Lawyers turn into Coupists within 24 hours.

By Capt. Ebou Jallo, 29 April 2021

Since our learned friend Amie Drammeh (Bensouda) made a self-confession that Yaya Jammeh was not her “boss” on 22 July 1994 then she must be held criminally liable for overthrowing the legitimate government of Former President Jawara. She was her own boss and nobody told her what to do. She is absolutely right because Yaya Jammeh was still a mutineer and not a coupist until after the Attorney General’s Chambers drafted and executed Decree Number 1–Thank you Amie Bensouda, Cherno Jallow and Essa Mbaye Faal, job well done guys! Hence, she exercised her lawlessness with an unprecedented arrogance by making choices for the rest of us poor/hapless Gambians. She illegally drafted and executed 6 decrees that were in the best “public interest” and “benefit” of the Gambia. And this according to her was an exercise of good judgment worthy of commendation.

These are the Bensouda Decrees worth noting for the TRRC records:

Decree 1: TREASON-Suspension and modification of the 1970 Constitution; and the establishment of the AFPRC

Decree 2: TREASON- Repeals provisions of the 1970 Constitution and replaces them with Bensouda Decrees.

Decree 3: GROSS VIOLATIONS OF FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHTS- Illegal detention of Armed Forces and Police personnel (Baba Galleh Jallow of the TRRC wrote a sympathetic article to this decree in August 1994 in an attempt to justify the illegal detentions; and also excoriating Halifa Sallah of PDOIS- “The Gambia an Egg on the Rocks”…Check the records).

Decree 4: GROSS VIOLATIONS OF FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHTS- illegal suspension of political actions and freedom of speech (This decree landed Halifa Sallah in trouble with the Junta)

Adding insults to injury Amie Drammeh (Bensouda) offers NO APOLOGY for her wrongs; and assumes NO RESPONSIBILITY for her atrocious actions as the Gambia’s Attorney General under a dictatorship. Gambia really is the smiling coast of the universe.

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