Letter Writer is seeking information about Kebba. Sanyang: Attorney General – Kebba Sanyang:


The communication below came from one David Cravens. His email was spotted in our junk email. We never responded to David Cravens’ enquiries. Here is the email published below.


I’m looking for any information (or articles) in regard to the firing of Attorney General Kebba Sanyang in September 2007. There seems to be very little about it on the internet. It seems he was arrested in 2013 by the NIA as well, but again, there’s little out there. Here’s a link that used to be active but has been taken down. He was Attorney General of The Gambia from 13 November 2006 – 14 September 2007. Do you have anything about his sacking, or his arrest, in your archives?


Thank you, ~David Cravens

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