Gambia’s Supreme court has declared a move made by the country’s Parliament to allocate personal loan to its members as unconstitutional. The MPs had last year amended the budget and allocated themselves D54.4 million Gambian dalasis.

The Supreme court in a ruling today says the National Assembly has violated the Constitution. It declares the loan allocated the MPs allocated to themselves  as “null and void” and struct it out from the 2021 budget.

The court has also ordered that if the loans were already disbursed, they are to be returned immediately to the Government.

The lawsuit was filed by the Civil society organizations (CSOs) in The Gambia – Gambia Participates and the Centre for Research and Policy Development.

A Gambian politician scientist Dr. Ebrima Ceesay in a statement issued today said: “This is a very encouraging piece of news. It seems the civil organisations in the Gambia are moving in the right direction at last and deserve commendation. These generations of activists have understood that actions speak louder than words and as such, they are now taking a proactive approach to the issues, to better serve their clients. It is healthy for our fledgling democracy to see civil society now going to court to advocate for what is right rather than just making statements.

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