The proprietor of the Ndawen Consult Limited, Civil Engineering and Construction company Wally Ndow has found himself in another fraud scandal, this time around, he has been accused of allegedly defrauding one of his Gambian American clients, Alieu Jallow. Ndow was contracted by Mr. Jallow to build him a four bedroom storey building at his Brusubi phase one property for two million nine hundred thousand dalasis (D2,900.000). But according to Mr. Jallow, Ndow, hasn’t executed the terms and conditions of the contract as agreed upon despite being paid.  Jallow has accused Ndow of owing him over D600,000 dalasis. A frustrated Mr. Jallow has made repeated demands for Mr. Ndow to refund him his hard-earned money without success. Ndow is a familiar face to The Gambian police. He has been walking in and out of police amid fraud related criminal complaints filed against him by his clients. Despite the millions of dalasis that he has been accused of stealing from his clients, Ndow hasn’t yet been taken off the streets for his alleged financial crimes. He is often processed and released by the police, leaving his defrauded victims to sit for years without recovering their monies. Now, one of Ndow’s victims Alieu Jallow, has decided to go public with his story. We hereby reproduce Mr. Jallow’s email and receipts of monies that he had paid to building contractor Wally Ndow:


If you are a Gambian thinking of entering into a construction contract with Wally Ndow, do not do it: he will defraud you, steal from you, lie to you, use substandard building materials on the little part he will get to complete before you realize what is going on and cancel the contract. Here is the kicker, he will lie to you and not pay you back. If you have already entered into a contract with Wally Ndow, cancel the contract because he has already stolen from you and lied to you numerous times and you will not get what you entered into a contract with him for. Wally Ndow will invite you to a restaurant at the Village opposite Senegambia and he occasionally brings along his co-criminal conspirator and fraudster Alieu Badara Faye who Wally Ndow claimed is his building engineer. This Wally Ndow believes he can steal, lie, scam, and get away with it. He has no shame in him, I am surprised that he is still alive and free instead of being dead or in Mile 2 where he belongs. If you go to the police and expect to get help, you will be disappointed as most of them are useless as Wally Ndow will eventually maneuver his way away from them.

I found out that Wally Ndow will take pictures of other people’s houses and post them on Facebook claiming that he built those houses, and he can build the same kind of house for you. Wally Ndow will steal your basalt stones and claim that someone else stole the basalt. Wally Ndow will use 50 cement bags on your project and claim he used 100 cement bags, Wally Ndow will drive you to unfinished buildings under construction or drive you past other people’s houses and tell you he is building them, or he built them when he has never built those houses at all. Wally Ndow will tell you that he gets contracts worth millions of dalasis from Gamworks when none of that is true.

I came to find out about Wally Ndow when I contracted him to build me a four-bedroom storey building at my Brusubi plot for 2.9 million dalasis in July 2019. The contract was to last for seven months and I paid him an initial payment of one million, one hundred and sixty thousand dalasis. This money was paid into his Trust bank account numbered 00311065469101 under the name Wally Ndow and his criminal sham enterprise called Ndowen Consult. Three months later in September 2019, I unexpectedly came to Gambia surprising to find the building was still at the Lentil. With that initial payment, he was supposed to build the house up to the Decra roof level before I make the second payment. I brought another contractor to do an inspection for me and he concluded that only half of the initial basalt trip that Wally Ndow brought was used, Wally Ndow stole the other half as the basalt was nowhere to be found. I informed my lawyer of the developments and he told me to just let Wally Ndow default so that we can sue him for defaulting the contract. Upon my return to the States, Wally Ndow stole a full basalt stone strip costing 80, 000 dalasis from me, and stopped coming to the construction site. I asked my lawyer to terminate the contract and he wrote to Wally Ndow terminating the contract and asked for a refund of the balance of money. Wally Ndow told me to give him six weeks and he will pay me back; it has been 18 months and the only thing I have received from him is lie upon lie upon lie.

When I contacted one of my nephews to bring the case to the CID office at Brusubi Police,a CID Officer told us that he will get this matter taken care of because he knew Wally Ndow from a previous fraud case while the officer was stationed at Kairaba Police Station. When Wally Ndow was contacted, he lied to the police and said he was traveling to Jarra Soma and he will report to them when he returns, he was lying because he was nowhere close to Some. Eventually, he maneuvered his way away from the police who advised me to take the matter to court. Then I involved other police officers who called Wally Ndow, he employed the same lying tactics of traveling to Jarra Soma and promise to pay me back on a certain date and he never paid a dime. I contacted some soldiers and policemen who tracked his new location but could not see him at that office. When they called him, he never told them where he was, and they eventually gave up.

I finally came to Gambia in December 2020 and went with a senior security officer to Brusubi station, and they assigned two officers with me to go pick up Wally Ndow at his office location. He was not around but the officers called him and told him to report to Brusubi Police station. It took him more than four hours to finally show up at Brusubi police where he denied stealing my basalt stones and said someone else stole the basalt. I got frustrated and angry at this disgusting animal and lost my temper and wanted to take the matter into my own hands since the police were effectively useless. Wally Ndow capitalized on the situation and lied to the police that I had threatened his life. He tried to twist the events as if he is the victim in this case.

The Wally Ndow lied to me, defrauded me, stole two basalt trips from me, used substandard materials at my building, and played the victim.

Wally Ndow drove with me to a building owned by one Mr. Mbowe that he Wally Ndow claimed to build, I went back to the house with another Sierra Leonean builder who actually built that house where Mr. Mbowe and his wife confirmed to me that Wally Ndow had never built and will never build a house for them.

I was so disappointed that I did not even want to talk about this matter, I was angry at myself for trusting such a disgusting con artist who present himself as a beard growing Sunni Muslim when he is actually a wolf in sheep’s clothing; If Wally Ndow tells you anything other than his name is Wally Ndow, do not belief it as it is not true. I wonder how he looks at his kids and his wife knowing that he feeds them with stolen money that he obtained by lying and scamming other hard-working God-fearing Gambians whose trust he has betrayed. Wally Ndow’s heart boils every time he sees another worthy Gambian come home with dollars and buy a land costing 1.5 million dalasis while he, Wally Ndow, is toiling under the hot Gambian sun stealing and scamming and lying and cheating. My money is legit as I earned it legally doing an honest job for an honest pay as a public safety supervisor in the State of Indiana. I have recouped that money I lost through Wally Ndow a long time ago by the Grace of Allah; I know Wally Ndow will never have peace in his life.

I have since contacted a lawyer who has sued Wally Ndow at the Kanifing Magistrates Court and the case is ongoing, he owes me more than 600, 000 dalasis and has not paid me a dime.

I am making it my duty to expose this criminal fraudster and liar so that other Gambians will not fall prey to his con artist tricks.

Written by Alieu Jallow

Editor’s note: The views expressed by the author do not represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper. Thanks for your kind attention.

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