Momodou Sabally is no longer my Bai Faal, he is my Commando—Darboe tells his supporters


The UDP leader has elevated Momodou Sabally’s status at the UDP. “ They kept saying that Momodou Sabally is my Bai Faal. He is no longer my Bai Faal. He is my commando,” Darboe told his supporters yesterday.  He spoke at a meeting where an NPP defector was welcomed into the UDP.

Sabally was a former close trusted aide of dictator Yahya Jammeh.  He had a fallout with Jammeh after been accused of theft.  A charge he denied.
Sabally had held different portfolios in Jammeh’s rule.  Among them include the position of Secretary General and Head of the Civil Service, and Presidential Affairs Minister.
Mr. Darboe is happy with Sabally’s work in helping the UDP to get to the State House in December of 2021.  “ Sabally is my commando,” Darboe told his followers.
Meanwhile, a lady claiming to be Mr. Sabally’s sister, has went on Whatsapp calling on her brother to leave the UDP and join the NPP.
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