Why is it that Gambians do not trust UDP and Ousainou Darboe?


The opposition United Democratic Party (UDP) has trust related issues. Gambians do not trust UDP. The party operates on lies, smear campaign, blackmail, profanity, and nepotism.

The party under the leadership of Ousainou Darboe, has been accused of operating on tribal line, a charge the UDP leadership have categorically rejected.

Over the years, the UDP, has been battling with crisis of confidence. Efforts to win the public confidence without much success.

The Presidency of Adama Barrow was supposed to be used help to repair the party’s dented image, but to our chagrin, Darboe had misused that opportunity.

While serving as De Facto President, he used his position to favor his party supporters, tribesmen, businessmen friends, and political opponents he offered jobs in exchange to support his party. He also allegedly contributed towards the collapse of the Coalition government. He wasn’t a unifier; he wasn’t a team player, he was more of a polarizing and divisive figure.

Darboe had contributed towards Barrow’s power consolidation. He was Barrow’s “Jaliba Kuyateh” during his two years tenure with the regime. This was the guy, who called Barrow, Gambia’s Moses.

As far as his interest is not threaten, he cares less about Barrow’s excesses and corruption in the administration. Sheer greed!

When Barrow fired his Coalition colleagues in cabinet, Darboe never resigned on principle, he stayed in the administration until he was fired. He hasn’t seen Barrow’s incompetence and alleged corruption until he was sacked.

Remember Darboe was in cabinet when Barrow gave 58 vehicles to the MPS. Darboe never faulted that donation. In fact, he supported it.

Remember Darboe also never queried Barrow’s move to sponsor the UDP MP candidates in the 2018 NAM elections. He defended Barrow’s financial gesture to the the UDP candidates.

Darboe was in government when Jammeh’s assets were sold at a giveaway price. One of the UDP cabinet ministers was at the center of the sale of Jammeh’s assets.

Darboe only queried the sale process after his sacking.

Darboe cried foul once Barrow started inducing the UDP MPs to support his quest to extend his Presidential term. Darboe felt that Barrow was supposed to hand over to him after his five years rule.

It was Darboe who threatens to sue Barrow, should he (Barrow) renege from his five years constitutional term as stipulated by the constitution. He was opposed to the three years rule that Barrow had promised to serve.

Gambians are afraid of a UDP Presidency. They are not convinced that the party is in the position to unite the people, foster national development, fighting corruption, ending nepotism and cronyism.

The UDP is not a party that embraces principles. Wanted fugitives and former dictator enablers are being celebrated in the party.  Could you believe that Ousainou Darboe is celebrating Momodou Sabally, a former Jammeh official, who was cited for corruption by the Janneh Commission? It was Darboe who constituted that Commission. He recommended for the appointment of the Commissioners, and the Lead Counsel of that Commission.

There is also this UDP social media attack dog and pathological liar called Bamba Mass. Mass is a wanted fugitive. He is wanted by The Gambia government on theft related allegations. He has been accused of stealing over one million dalasis from The Gambian High Commission in London. Mass had been defrauding the mission through the usage of fake tenancy papers and overpriced rent.

The UDP is weak when it comes to fighting corruption. The party has been accused of selling cabinet positions to its financiers even though it hasn’t been voted into office. Businessman Pa Njie Girigara claimed that he was one of those who bought an Information Ministry post from Darboe during Jammeh’s rule.  He said Darboe had promised to hire him Information Minister, if he wins the election, but on condition that he (Njie) pays a certain amount of money. A clear case of quid pro quo!

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