Africell staff complains about unpaid overtime


Dear Pa,

Please help us shame this shameless company. We work at the africell call center and its by force that everyone that is not off on a public holiday should come to work. although we are paid allowance.
Now the problem is, you will come to work on public holidays and to get paid your public holiday allowance is a problem. Can you just imagine we are still not paid our May day, koriteh ( 2days) and the african liberation day allowance.
The sad thing is there is nowhere to lodge your complain. Anyone you ask about it will tells you that i dont know.
There are alot of things that are going terribly wrong at that place. And the manager Amie Singhateh is in the Uk enjoying her life with her family. Please help us tell her to look at us as her own family and whether she will allow them to work under these terrible conditions. She will not. Her brother Edward Singhateh’s son Yaya Singhateh was sometime working here but he only worked for a few months and stopped even though he was at the easiest department where they only sit and browse the internet the whole day without doing anything significant.
To prove to you how wicked and heartless Amie is, the call center is supposed to be a recruitment center for some of these departments at africell but she is totally against that even though we have agents that went and did courses on their own and got the qualifications to move to other departments. She blocked all those opportunities. That is why you have poor quality service in some of these africell outlets because people are brought in there that dont have the required training in Customer service. Can you imagine, there are agents that are  here for more than 10years and still receiving calls not because they dont have the qualifications to be promoted but because of the way the callcenter is structured. That alone should be a reason for Amie to allow and encourage departmental transfer.
It is also 5 years now we have not received any salary increment and bonus even with the promise amie gave us that we are going to enjoy whatever an africell staff enjoys. We receive 2 or 3 medical coupons every month, even if you are sick and need more coupons to cover your medical expenses they never give you more. When you ask the supervisors to give you advance coupons they tell you Amie Say we should not give  them to you till the end of month.

Concerned staffers
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