Africell staff thank Freedom Newspaper; As management settles their unpaid overtime!

Dear Pa,
How are you. Thank you very much in conveying our message. We can’t believe africell can go this low, for their staffs to take their plights to freedom newspaper to be paid their public holiday allowances.
Guess what after the publication yesterday, they decided to pay us after around 6pm. But they still owe us. They are suppose to pay us 4days and all they paid is 3 after all these wile. Bari nyunul Le manng maloo soto.
This is jus a thank you message for you(freedom newspaper, the voice of the voiceless).
This is the begining of a series of revelations of terrible things happening to us that we can’t take anymore.
Stay tuned next story about is about something Africell, Amie Singhateh and her wicked management and supervisors did thinking that it won’t come to light. Well for your info “lufi nobu Dina feenj”.
Pa Nderry jaarama once again, yalna sa jaama yaga.
Africell call center staff.
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