Former Gambian Ambassador reacts to Freedom publication!

Dear Pa,
Thank you very much for the article you wrote after our interview. I appreciate your efforts.
I will be grateful if you can write an article based on the evidence I shared on Ndey Marie Njie Badjie.
I mean it when I say I have forgiven them all, but it is important to corroborate what I said. That way people can be rest assured that I never hated her. That she never had and she never will have a higher moral standing than me despite all the fabricated tales she peddled about me behind my back for the past couple of years.
The only thing I did was to do my job as is expected from a Head of Mission. Ndey Marie Njie Badjie had issues with that – period.
It is important for people to know about the Service passport she “fixed” for her niece, Mariama Senghore, who was not entitled to one. The passport number S0000360 reveals that.
Secondly, for preparing a diplomatic card for Mariama Senghore giving her an employee status at the Embassy as a worker which is absolutely false and criminal.
In the same vein insisting and instructing the Secretary at the time to write to the Russian Foreign Affairs Ministry stating Mariama was working under me. Which was also outrageous and totally untrue.
Her warm clothing claims times two (D979,142.36) and her refund claims for excess baggage twice (D57,665.62) without producing supporting documents brought Adverse Findings Against her. She is supposed to pay back to Government coffers the sum of D438,699.99 ( four hundred and thirty eight thousand, six hundred and ninety nine dalasis, ninety nine bututs). Alone she was paid a total sum of D979,142.36 ( nine hundred and seventy nine thousand , one hundred and forty two dalasis, thirty six bututs) for warm clothing. This is almost D1, 000 000.00 ( one million dalasis) ( less D20,857.64 ). A deliberately well calculated act of robbing the State Coffers.
She was recalled and offered two Permanent Secretary positions. A Permanent Secretary is higher than her earlier portfolio as a Deputy Head of Mission. At the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the Permanent Secretary is the Head of the Diplomatic Missions – the Boss of all the Ambassadors and their staff. She should be happy and celebrating instead of spreading untruths to tarnish my image. Nit dafaa doilu, toooghh teh maandu
Pa, I thank you once again.
Kind regards/ Jai

Editors note: You welcome Madam Bah.  There are more stores to be published.  I will write about the Ndey Marie Njie story too. Thanks.

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