President Adama Barrow,

I’ll start by saying that those words are hard to write. You are definitely not worthy of that title! Respect is not granted or bestowed to a president but needs to be earned by upholding the constitution, being trustworthy, giving respect, protecting all Gambians, and provide leadership that makes a positive change for all Gambians.

Maybe you need to be reminded that during your inauguration you made a promise to the people of The Gambia to stay in office for only three years, yet you’ve reneged on your electoral promise and political agreement. You’ve lied and cheated the people and we shouldn’t be calling you President at this point! However, if you acted like a head of state you would have respect but you’ve acted like a jester and have people’s laughter and no respect.

You need to leave the civil service to be independent. Just because you have different political and ideological views with other Gambians doesn’t give you the license to remove, intimidate, or redeploy them. You do not own The Gambia but instead are a master servant of the people. Leave our institutions alone and stop being greedy for power. Redirect your attentions on giving the Gambia and her people unshakable security and safety, great health care, a mechanized agriculture where Gambians would grow and feed themselves, and opportunities for youth employment. Anything short of these would be regarded as a disservice to the country and the people you swore to serve and an utter nonsense of political razzmatazz that has detrimentally harmed, sickened, and weakened our dear country and people!

Leaders like you lack of commitment in ensuring diaspora Voting happens has the audacity to ferry foreigners supposedly of Gambian womens who has been married outside the Gambia is nothing but a farce, gimmicks, sheer hypocrisy and trying to trigger problems so that there won’t be a free and fair race.

The Fraud instigated by National People’s Party(NPP) in registering minors and  foreigners can generate violence between your party supporters, opponents of other parties, and some communities your supporters used to do such dirty errands.

In electoral systems, voter registration is supposed to be the requirement that a person otherwise eligible to vote must register on an electoral roll, which is usually a prerequisite for being entitled or permitted to vote. However, the rules governing registration may vary between jurisdictions.

Electoral fraud, sometimes referred to as election manipulation, voter fraud or vote rigging, involves illegal interference with the process of an election, either by increasing the vote share of a favored candidate, depressing the vote share of rival candidates, or both.

The Constant violations of Village Heads by blatantly registering minors and  foreigners in Niamina Sambang and across the country is a recipe for violence in post election on December 5th 2021.

You Mr. Adama Barrow have been the most ungrateful Commander in Chief that I have ever seen with pettiness and arrogance. It is deplorable and utterly shocking that you don’t respect or acknowledge that Gambians gave you everything you have, including your wardrobe and toiletries.  What more could you ask from Gambians, the people who gave you greatness? This too is unislamic and thus a huge sin against Nature!

I know Elections in developing countries like The Gambia often fail to meet acceptable standards of fairness, and this in turn can result in protest, violence, and fragility.

Politicians like you Adama Barrow frequently curtail legitimate electoral practices through corrupt manipulation of the vote, particularly when you perceive voters who are highly motivated to unseat you. Therefore, any Fraudulent activities done by you or your supporters can be an incentives for violence between government security forces and opposition party supporters, thereby activating a security dilemma between and within individuals that promotes your illicit activities.

Do you think Allah is pleased with you or the state that you’ve put The Gambia in? I think not. Do you feel good? I hope not but yet I know your ego and self-serving self isn’t man enough to be honest with yourself. You have put your personal gain and glory above the People of The Gambia.

You’ve pretty much lied about everything promised to Gambians ranging from the the 3years transitional mandate and never to run again, to the 69mosques within the country, the construction of Banjul Barra bridge, refusals to implement the  Janneh Commission, Faraba Banta Commission and several other Commissions, the Brikama WiFi network as empty talks,  to the smart Garden through a cellular network when our electricity is in the poorest conditions, Civil servants must not engage into politics but we have seen times and times again these people campaigning for you.

You have contravened the fact that both Chiefs and Alkalos to refrain from politics but these same people became your political propagandists! What more Gambians should listen to you as a Head of state who broke every promises he’s made and yet believe you?

Gambians should be tired of such a characteristics of a man we trusted to occupied our highest office who doesn’t do any self reckoning.

Therefore Mr President Barrow, you do not have the interest of the Gambia but rather you are on a self enrichment ventures at the State House. Nowadays, We cannot advise and inculcate good morals to our kids thanks to you.

Corruption is endemic in your 5years government than Yahya Jammeh’s 22years of Dictatorship rule. If we dare entrust you 5more years to steer the affairs of our country, I swear there would not be anything called the Gambia. We as Gambians must not allow our country to be colonized by Senegal and the Chinese because of the do-nothing sleeping President. It’s about time Gambians dropped you like a hot potato by voting you out of office to  make our founding fathers and ancestors proud.

Ensa A.B. Ceesay
Ex-Cadet Inspector
The Gambia Immigration Department
USA, Olympia, Washington

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