Betrayal of the highest order


Dear Pa,

Thank you once again for granting us the opportunity to share our stories to the world.

We don’t know where to start because we have a lot to talk about. But hey we gonna start with the bonus we said africell have not being paying us.
On the whole, this year bonus was paid but was given to less than 15 call center staff and they were told to keep it a secret.
First of all we gonna start with our fellow staff that collected the bonus knowing fully well that bonus is as a result of everybody’s effort not only them. We feel betrayed by you guys. Yow all know the inhumane conditions we all face still u went on and collected the money that is meant for every staff. You guys stabbed us on our backs. We are working on the list of all of you that collected the money secretly and we gonna name and shame you. You guys are all traitors. Jiko jam dega ngen deff. Dimba kenyembo Al ye wola Bula Al konol Kono.

For Amie Singhateh you have time and time again showcased how heartless and wicked a manager you are. You have never treated your staffs equally that’s why you decided to approve payment of a few staff and left the mojority of u. We are also aware that you personally from your own purse paid those that didn’t receive the money from head office. This tells us that the payement was done based on your order. This makes us ask what crime have the rest of us committed to be denied bonus. And the answer is because you are the worst manager. Everything you told us from day one are lies, lies, lies. You remember the first meeting we had with you. Where u promised us Alot but your promises and d realities are like Yallah and Yali.

We are hinow convinced that any cruel decisions made by Kutubo, Yorro, Errick and crew are orders from you. Some of those decisions are:
1. People that are sick come back from their treatment and are given warning letters. Some are even sacked. A typical example is the case of Ebou bah that had a problem with his eye sight. You asked him to resign and come back after the doctors have declared him fit to come back. He came back, and the called you and tarnished his image to you and you decided to sack him. For you info, what they told you about him are all lies. He was one of the most deciplined staff. He was a victim of hate and you being a borom bena nopa decided to sack him. Uncle Yus’s and his sister case as comes to mind, he was proved and fought by your supervisor, they connived wit kutubo and fabricated lies against him. His sister’s case was because she said she cannot speak a certain language she got sacked. We still have agents that rudely reply to customers that they don’t speak their languages but are neither suspended nor sacked.

2. Issuing unnecessary warning letters to agents being late for less than 5 minutes. And getting their salaries deducted too. Every month someone’s salary is deducted Without a genuine reason.

3. The refusal to give us enough coupons like those at in other departments. What is two or three coupons every month. For God and heaven sake pls give us the coupons like we used to have before you came. We are responsible people like you, we have our families that depend on us for their medical expenses. Pit your self in our shoes, then you will treat us with the respect we deserve.

We will end by advising the MD, Husain Daib(sine), and CEO Mr Dallun, please take the plight of the call center staff seriously. Despite the harsh conditions, we always go the extra mile to satisfy the customers. Since 2014 the callcenter has not benefitted from and salary increment, bonus or other things that other departments enjoy. You know know very well that without the callcenter you would not have succseeded in the Gambia, much more expand to Sierra Leone, congo, Uganda and now Angola. We have and are still playing and important role in the success of your company. Compare what we are paid to our counterparts in the countries above. We also know that you are never taken to the callcenter during your visits to the Gambia. Please tell them to take you to the main callcenter next time you visit. They never want you to see the terrible conditions there.


Concerned africell call center staffs.

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