A must watched video: Concerned Gambian writes to Freedom Newspaper after watching this disturbing video!

Dear Mr Mbai..
My sincere apologies for for this email since we do not know each other, but have Gambia as our common subject.
The video attached is disheartening to watch as a Gambian and a human being. We all know the content to be factual, however, burying our heads in the sand will just make things worse to the detriment of our children, the future of the country.
I got so frustrated, and I don’t know where to turn to hence decided to share it with you.
A country has nothing more valuable than its human capital. Tourist  pedophile crime in the country must be taken seriously in all Sphere of society, especially the police, airport workers, the social welfare office,  hotel workers, the media,  parents and Government in general.
Government’s priority must be to protect its people, especially children. I’m urging you at you convenience with Sister Olley Sosseh to make a programme to sensitize Gambians, especially the Government and the tourism board who are on denial as you heard on the video to take these crimes seriously. Children’s lives are been shattered in front of our eyes.
Its frustrating…
Thanks for your time.

SS. Jawara

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