Good morning your end Pa!

I’ve read the article you wrote on Ndey Marie Njie Badjie and just want to draw your kind attention to two points for correction purposes.

Both the Internal and External Audit Reports had Adverse Findings against Ndey Marie Njie Badjie and both concluded that she was to pay back D438,699.27 (Four hundred and thirty-eight thousand, six-hundred and ninety-nine dalasis, twenty-seven bututs).

She did receive a total of D979,142.36. Out of that amount she was asked to pay back the above amount (D438,699.27) because, she already did receive warm clothing allowance in the tune of D540,442.37 (five hundred and forty thousand, four hundred and forty-two dalasis, thirty-seven bututs) earlier in 2016.

Their recommendation read:

Contrary to the Foreign Service Regulation, we noted that payment amounting to D540, 442.37 was paid to Ndey Married Njie as allowance for warm clothing. However, D438, 699.27 was paid in 2018 to the aforementioned name. Details are shown below:

Date Details Payee PV No. Amount

01-08-16 Being payment for warm clothing allowance Ndey Marrie Njie 10PV003768 540,442.37

13-03-18 Being payment for warm clothing allowance Ndey Marrie Njie 10-25-PV0034 150,289.92

10-05-18 Being payment for warm clothing allowance Ndey Marrie Njie 10-25-PV0050 288,410.07

Total 979,142.36


There is a risk that the amount was deliberately paid to her, thus leading to loss of government resources which could have been used for other development objective.

This is a violation of the Foreign Service Regulation (FRS)


Risk Rating High

We recommend that the amount involved be recovered by the Permanent Secretary MoFA together with the Accountant General and evidence of recovery be furnished to the Internal Audit Directorate for review.

About the Service passport to Mariama Senghore, Ndey Marie Njie Badjie “fixed” that on her own with help from MoFA before Mariama Senghore left Banjul to come to Moscow. The fact is: without a Service Passport, Ndey Marie Njie would have paid visa money for Mariama Senghore to travel with an ordinary Passport. Secondly it might have taken a longer time for Mariama Senghore to travel to Moscow. She could have also been denied a visa, but because a Service Passport was “secured” for her Mariama Senghore got a free visa.

What Ndey Marie pressured me on was this: she wrote to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs with her signature on February 13th, 2018 stating that Mariama Senghore was the domestic staff of the Ambassador for the former to get registered in the Russian jurisdiction without informing me. Which is also a fraudulent act in itself. When I learnt about it, I told the Secretary to recall the registration application. This was done on February 14th, 2018. That was when Ndey Marie Njie Badjie hit the roof. She went into a hiatus, refused to sign Embassy cheques and when we had a meeting, she refused to utter one word. She was so upset and crying. The atmosphere in the Embassy was so toxic that by the 16th February, I told her to go ahead and register her niece in my name, which she gladly did. All evidences attached.

Thanks in advance for making the corrections.


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