The University of the Gambia (UTG) in the verge of creating administrative blunder.


The University of the Gambia (UTG) in the verge of creating administrative blunder. 

Saidina Alieu Jarjou

The only state University in the Gambia is trekking towards an avoidable administrative blunder. It could be recalled that the UTG was established by an Act of the National Assembly of the Gambia in March 1999, with the vision of being the powerhouse for the transformation of The Gambia through the creation, application, and transfer of knowledge. By positioning itself as a national asset committed to the promotion of life-long learning; thus, it is expected that such an institution should be centre of ethics for institution to emulate.

Unfortunately, it seems that the UTG is not living up to the standard as per its vision. Sometime in November 2020, Dr Grbril Jaw the Chief Executive Officer of NAQAA told the National Assembly select committee on education that through their inspection of the classes, it was found out that Graduate Assistants were teaching courses on a full-time basis. This was in contravention against the rules of NAQAA, as the minimum qualification for anyone to lecture at UTG is master’s degree. One might therefore conclude that the standards at UTG is eroding because of the nonchalant attitude of the administration towards teaching and learning.

Mr. Jaw added that the school of Agriculture and Environmental Sciencesiat Faraba Banta is seriously constrained in terms of internet connectivity.

Recent news reaching my desk has it that the Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr Faqir Muhammad Anjum who assumed office in October 2016 for a five-year period term, has five months before his tenure expires. If there is anything to go by the 2007 UTG Conditions of Service which highlights that “The posts of the Vice-Chancellor and Deputy Vice-Chancellor, shall be advertised locally and if need be, internationally, one year before the expiration of the tenure of the office of the incumbent”, then one could say without any smidgen of uncertainty that the UTG is setting very ugly precedence.

Thus, this has violated section 4.3.5 of the 2007 UTG Conditions of Service. Since the administration has failed woefully to advertise the position a year before the end of the Pakistani Professor. As we speak, it has been alleged that theUTG has not yet advertised the said position. This has left us wondering why as to the reason why such a citadel ofknowledge is disregarding the rules and regulations.

As if that was not enough, Dr Alieu Gibba, a senior lecturer and Head of the Department of Economics and Management Sciences of the School of Business and Public Administration of the UTG, has resigned from the UTG Joint Search Committee of the Council and Senate for the Position of the Vice-Chancellor on moral and ethical grounds.

The UTG is a great institution that has manufactured a lot of elites in this country,  but the recent happenings in that institution is a cause for concern.  The UTG needs not to be told that they should live up to standard and desist from any action that will lead to administrative blunder.

The author is a political activist and master’s candidate in public administration at the said university. 

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