Wow, It Is A “METOO” De-Javu Marina School Moment!


Wow, It Is A “METOO” De-Javu Marina School Moment! 

Editor Mbai,

Appeal Court Judge Naceesay Salla-Wadda’s language in the emails to Lawyer Omar Mbai is shocking. 

In a short stint at Marina School in 1997, when Malick  Mbai was a pupil, I received similar treatment from the head-teacher whom I had politely challenged over the attempted expulsion of two pupils (one of whom happened to be Malick). I was poisoned and on my last day at Marina before departing for the UK I was not to return to the country – by a parent who had some five years earlier got a Senegalese lady, married to a Gambian Mr. Ndow of GPA, deported in the middle of the night by immigration without a court order… because she argued with him about her rent deposit she paid him. Of course Pa, I was back on a quick visit two months later … and went to visit Marina! 

As we heard at the TRRC, Omar’s father, the great Learned Lawyer Fafa Mbai, was suffering at the hands of Dictator Yahya Jammeh and this was affecting young Malick greatly. As Marina School Counsellor, I would not agree to the heartless head-teacher’s attempts to exclude Malick. I was told that as a foreigner I did not know what Fafa did to Gambians under Jawara and under Jammeh. I replied that I was not interested in that, but the welfare of Malick the pupil. If that episode 24 years ago is why Appeal Court Judge Naceesay Salla-Wadda is referring to Lawyer Omar Mbai “a saved delinquent”, I find the comments unforgiveable and shocking coming from a judge of The Gambia’s Court of Appeal.  

In UK, Lawyers are servants of the court. Judges and lawyers work with utmost respect to dispense justice. 

I AM VERY PROUD of Lawyer Omar Mbai’s calm, measured & professional response to the intemperate and highly unprofessional emails from Appeal Court Judge Naceesay Salla-Wadda. But I AM SADbecause “New Gambia” is placing so much hope in its newly independent Judiciary and this kind of behaviour undermines that hope. 

Judge Naceesay Sall-Wada’s Shocking Emails Per Freedom: 

In an email dated May 1st 2021:-

“Again by your emails your vendetta and anger from August 2020 continues to manifest itself and you are happy that you now have the opportunity of a retaliation using an AGM. Unfortunately you have found the perfect person to deal with you as being intimidated or being short of words have never been my problem.” 

 “Of course you did not know anything at all about the School because you are nothing but a drop off and pick up parent until I crossed your line last year. You have never had any sincere interest in the school where your kids are!!!! Absolutely none!!!!,”. 

“You have never even been of any help or surfaced at the School at a time that other lawyers who are not even parents of the school have come to assist. Yet you hypocritically talk of governance. I had told you that you cannot pull a wool over anyone’s eyes by your sham pretence,” she added. 

 “Your comments about immaturity, tolerance etc are seriously taken with a pinch of salt as it is coming from none other than a retired but certified rapper, break dancer, Michael Jackson wanna be (you still dress like Michael Jackson), delinquent son who by the grace of Allah was brought back to sense.” 

“Your disrespectful emails have only shown who you are; not fit to serve in any capacity; I will reserve your corrupt and influencing tendencies for later on,” she added. 

Justice Salla Wadda did not stop at branding lawyer M’Bai as a delinquent son, she also “prayed” her learned colleague for a fight. 

“Now this forum is not for you to manifest your vendetta and anger at me and if you are truly a man, write to me personally or better still meet me face to face and that is when I will so deal with you that you will regret what you started!!!!,” she tersely wrote.   

“Since this battle is now personal between you and me, It does not concern colleagues. Write to me directly if you are man enough and you will  regret it!!!,” she added. 

Be rest assured that I am over 10 times your level of arrogance when you ask for it!,” she told lawyer M’Bai. 

“ … your views and ideas on governance are not genuine and are rather motivated by malice, hatred and spite!!!!!,” she wrote. 


“This would be my last response to you on this subject!!!!,” she concluded.

Wow, Wow, Wow. Like I say, I received a similar rant from a headteacher of Marina School back in 1997 and it left me speechless.  

Dida Jallow-Halake. 

Notting Hill, London.

Editor’s note: Mr. Halake, you have mistaken Malick M’Bai for Omar M’Bai. Mr. Omar M’Bai had already graduated from law school in 1997.  It was Malick who was attending Marina at the time and not Omar.  Thanks.

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