Norwegian Paedo Freed In Gambia: Why Blame Barrow?

Norwegian Paedo Freed In Gambia: Why Blame Barrow?

Editor Mbai,
I have watched the Sun Newspaper’s video posted on Freedomnewspaper about British Paedophiles in The Gambia. It says nothing that Killa Ace and Germany’s DW did not say, more professionally and comprehensively, a couple of years ago (that DW journalist is a well-educated Kenyan by the way). More to the point, an official from the Gambia Tourism Board’s views were also canvassed and properly aired in that DW highly professional programme.
The Sun’s Sensationalist & “Malicious” Reporting Raises Questions:-
One: Why blame Barrow for the “Presidential Pardon” for the Norwegian Paedo’s “Freedom”?? The Norwegian Paedo’s Lawyer, if I recall properly, wasSheriff Tambadou, the brother of Ba Tambadou the Attorney General. The President simply received a list of people to pardon from his adviser the Attorney General to sign. Why would a hot-shot Western journalist leave out these background facts … and yet go on to blame the President? It sounds to me as if the journalist was engaged in an electioneering “hit-job” on Barrow.
Two: How can this hot-shot journalist fail to mention that the Norwegian Paedo actually went back to jail in Norway. Could it be that the Norwegian was sent home to serve his sentence in Norway (or to be also tried there under what Lawyer Essa Faal correctly tells us is “international jurisdiction” for such crimes)? In such a scenario, the Norwegian Paedo’s Lawyer Tambadou could have discussed the “pardon” with his brother the Attorney General, and possibly even the then Minister of Foreign Affairs Lawyer Ousainou Darboe, to facilitate the transfer of the Norwegian Paedo to Norwegian jurisdiction. The point is that the Sun’s journalist could easily have found out all these facts if he wanted to … and surely his Gambian helper/informant/paid guide could have informed him of these facts. Was the omission here deliberate … because the agenda is to “blame Barrow for letting a Norwegian Paedo go free”???
Three: Australian Rupert Murdoch’s Sun Newspaper is the most disgusting “news” media in UK. It is also the most one-sided and appallingly racist media outlet in UK … the exact equivalent of Murdoch’s Fox News in America. If anything, the Sun is worse that Fox News – if such a thing is possible. Of course,Gambians have long ago recognized the problems of paedophilia and sex-tourism as has the National Assembly which has passed laws to combat it. UK, USA, Europe, Australia and Asia have the same problems too. Kenya has had the same problems since I was at school there. Why do we need some snotty-nosed semi-illiterate British journalist, from an illiterate media house targeting the illiterate British hoi-polloi, to come and lecture us about it?
In conclusion: I think this journalist was, as the Gambian Tourist Board said, acting out of “malice”, and the blame placed individually on president Barrow could be a malicious political electioneering hit-job, using a willing and “malicious” manipulated British journalist. Sorry but however disappointing Barrow’s Presidency has been, the truth has to be told: even a serial mass murderer deserves a fair trial … and this blame on Barrow is not fair at all. It sometimes depresses me how Gambians and Africans swallow, hook line and sinker, any rubbish that the rubbish and largely racist USA/UK media put out about Africa – in most cases this “gullibility” on our part being driven by partisan local politics. Sad.
Dida Jallow-Halake,

Notting Hill, UK.

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