“Attestation” Voters Cards Could Be Cancelled?


“Attestation” Voters Cards Could Be Cancelled?! 

Lawyer Ibrahim Jallow: Attestation to get voter’s card is a “ … gross violation of the constitution … I demand for an immediate setting up of a process to cancel all voter cards issued through attestation forms

Lawyer Mai Fatty: The right to vote “is predicated on citizenship and proof thereof”;

Hon. Halifa Sallah:Attestations could best be signed by registrar of births as provided for by law. In short, registration of Births and Deaths are provided for by law”.

Attestation And Voter’s Card 

Attestation does not make you entitled to a voter’s card … attestation only allows you to apply for one of these three documents which confirm your citizenship. Once you have one of these three documents to prove your citizenship, then, and only then, can you apply for a voter’s card:-

1)      Valid Gambian Identity Card,

2)     Gambian Passport,

3)     Birth Certificate.

The Election Act Is Unconstitutional? 

Since the Gambia has a written Constitution, it is argued, the Election Act cannot go outside the Constitution and add a the process of Attestation to the above three documents that confer Citizenship … and a right to vote.

The Election Act”, posits Mai, “provides for an Attestation to replace all of these documents of nationality where none could be produced.

That, it is arued, is highly unconstitutional.

Attestation Is Needed For A Birth Certificate (Not A Voter’s Card) 

Since in The Gambia many people do not have birth certificates, it is argued, Attestation, by the Alkalo or Seyfo has been a means by which one could obtain a birth certificate; and the birth certificate, which makes one a citizen under the Constitution, then allows one to register as a voter and get a voter’s card. The birth certificate also allows you to get both a Valid Gambian Identity Card and a Gambian Passport – both of which one can use to get a voter’s card.

In Conclusion,

Argue our brilliant lawyers, ATTESTATION TO OBTAIN VOTERS CARD IS ILLEGAL! Thus, Lawyer Ibrahim Jallow calls for an “immediate setting up of a process to cancel all voter cards issued through attestation forms”!! 

If Lawyer Ibrahim Jallow wins it could mean that the EIC may have to start the Voter Registration exercise all over again…without the indefatigable Mayor Lowe!

Halifa’s View in Foroyaa: https://foroyaa.net/are-the-mayoress-and-the-iec-listening-to-wise-counsel-on-attestation-in-banjul/

Mai Fatty’s View in Fatunetwork: https://fatunetwork.net/attestation-mai-fatty-speaks/

Lawyer Ibrahim Jallow’s Views: https://standard.gm/lawyer-to-sue-govt-iec-over-attestations/

Dida Jallow-Halake,

Notting Hill, UK.

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