Dear Pa Nderry,

How are you. It’s been a while. If you could recall in August or September, I was accused of bribing the minster or was it the PS of health concerning the hemodialysis consumable. On my part, the reason why they single source the dialysis consumable was the urgency which I have delivered.

And the real contract was given to SEREMBA PHARMACEUTICAL since the 22nd of October 2020. I can tell you since then, this winner SEREMBA PHARMACEUTICALS can’t delivers for a period of 90 days as stated in the tender. He was given another 90 days plus, an advance payment of 20% of his total price all together he was given 180 days and until now he is unable to deliver. Now he is asking for 50% advance payment.


As stated in the tender document, you can only ask for 20% of your tender price and this winner ask for 50% which was turned down. Now the guy who turn down his 50% advance payment is fighting with the committee because they want to blame him for doing his work. I will send you the tender document where you will see that it’s only allowed to receive a 20% advance payment and then another 70% after presenting bill of lading with your invoice,then the 10% will be paid after the satisfactory of the buyer which is ministry of health.

Now if you go to the hospital, patients are buying dialysis, bloodline and bicarbonate which is not fair as far as the supplier has been given advance payment, he should deliver.  But Pa, my concern is the patients, dialysis is expensive, and the PS JAITEH is still going ahead with this supplier insisting that he has already signed a contract with him.

Why is the PS still allowing patients to buy dialysis, about 2 weeks ago they went to the ministry with banners, but he does not care about them because he does not have family member doing dialysis, all that he cares is himself.

For me, I have family who are battling this sickness. The reason why am doing this for people to know that, dialysis patients are suffering a lot.

I want Gambia to know that it is because of the PS JAITEH that’s why patients are buying dialysis from their pocket. I would be very please if you can send someone to the unit and enquire. Thank you.

And it’s the same company who the ministry of health gave 95% of the whole drugs that we consumed in Gambia. Now do you think a company that can’t supply a sum of D23,000,000 (Twenty three  million dalasis) since October 2020,and this same company has been given another 200  million dalasis again and still now he can’t deliver dialysis.

Thank you.

Written by Mbye Bahoum, Proprietor of ATLAS TRADING ENTERPRISE GAMBIA.

Health Ministry Permanent Secretary Muhammed Lamin Jaiteh was contacted via his WhatsApp number for comment, but he couldn’t be reached.

Sources close to the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital have confirmed the story. Sources said the hospital has no dialysis consumables. Sources added that poor patients are compelled to buy consumables. Patients who couldn’t afford to buy dialysis consumables would rely on prayers and the mercy of God, said our sources.

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