Presidential hopeful Baboucarr Jeng has vowed to bring sanity to Gambian politics as he joined the 2021 race for  State House..
“I am a none-partisan guy because political parties  have been doing the same thing since independence,” he told Freedomnewspaper in an exclusive interview.
In a two-page declaration of candidacy, Jeng announced Saturday his entry into politics. He took a swipe at orthodox politicians, denouncing that the “social problems they are arguing about continue to worsen.”
According to him, political parties that presided over the destiny of this country have left Gambians on the wrong path.
“They always run away from responsibilities but are good at pointing fingers,” he added while making it very clear that politicians have failed Gambians.
He went on to say the country’s political landscape is being shaped by  generations of Gambians grounded in three different eras –  Jawara, Jammeh and Coalition.
“Every sector is broken because there is no leadership,” he deplored. “Nobody wants to take responsibilities.”
A situation that prompted him to get into political scene with a view to bringing about change in the country.
In using the slogan “Gambian First”, Jeng intends to prevent Gambians from falling into the abyss of partisan, religious, and tribal politics.
“Gambia is something that we all share,” he explained. But he was quick: “All what we see is interest groups that build corporation, create a club which is tasked with the responsibility to lobby for economic and political dividends.”
For change to be effective, Baboucarr Jeng said integrity must take centre stage in Gambian politics.
“People that have integrity are the ones solving the problems of the world. Not eloquent or rich people,” he remarked.
Written by Abdoulie John
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