The police’s zero crime operation unit had a rough encounter with the newly created National Guard “operation restore sanity” over the weekend in Kotu, where the soldiers nearly open fire at their colleague police patrolling officers, a reliable and dependable security source told Freedom Newspaper.  The fracas came in the wake of an emergency call that the police were responding to when they ran into the armed National Guard. They were forcefully disarmed and searched. The National Guard nearly fired shots at the officers, our source intimated.

“Our officers were responding to a call that they received about an incident when they met the patrolling National Guard. The soldiers were operating a roadblock. They wouldn’t allow our officers to pass. A bitter quarrel later ensued. They insisted that they must search them, shots were nearly fired, the soldiers had threatened to shoot at them. Luckily, the issue was peacefully resolved, and our men were allowed to leave,” said our source.

The incident happened on Saturday, said our security source. No one was injured.


It was on Sunday that the army had announced that it had launched an operation restore sanity. It says the operation was meant to compliment the police’s efforts to curb crime in the country.

Our security source warns that had the officer commanding the police patrolling team hasn’t use common sense, the incident could have degenerated into bloodbath.

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