Imagine the General manager revoked the contract between Abubacarr Jawara and the Marketing team if the company on partisan base

Abubacarr hired 8 buses for his planned lunching to Gambisara today Saturday 19th 2021, after having due consultation with the marketing team, they agreed that Abubacarr can pay half of the cost and later pay the other half when buses are returned.

This favor has been in existence in the company for long time, UDP will hire a bus and pay later, but Abubacarr Jawara if NPP hired and wanted to pay half the General Manager revoked the contract and took a negative position that, if the whole amount is not paid, no bus will move.


Now, what makes this strange and a huge list to the company, all buses were cancelled from their respective daily/routine trips to the provinces in anticipation of this contract being successful, the contract did not materialize and the buses did not embark on any trip to gain resource for the company. Imagine how much money is lost from this.

The General Manager Seedy Kanyi only revoked the contract because Jawara is NPP, going for a big lunching with NPP supporters in URR. Kanyi did not want that to happen.

I think the nepotism in that company under Kanyi and the UDP should be exposed and let him know that we are all watching.

I just felt that I can share this with you for publicity if need be.

Written by a Concerned citizen.

Editors note: The author’s views do not represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper. Thanks for your kind attention.

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