The deputy-spokesperson of the Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction (APRC), Dodou Jah, said that the United Democratic Party (UDP) patrol team that had Saturday a fracas in Kanilai is the same that is “having issues” with people in many areas, including Jangjangbureh and McCarthy.

“The UDP were in Kanilai some time earlier, and they were sent away. This is the second time they are going there,” Jah to Freedomnewspaper in response to a request for comment.
Dodou Jah’s statement reached Freedomnewspaper editorial desk some hours after President Adama Barrow unleashed a vitriol attack against UDP, describing them as a “thuggish party.”
” I think they have agents or people who represent them at every registration centre. Having a team going around and trying to stop people from processing their voter registration is quite problematic,” he added. “I believe all this is not mandated by law.”
The country’s political rhetoric has entered a new level with Barrow’s outspoken comments, raising eyebrows in some quarters.
“People are allowed to move freely if they want to observe but not to interfere with the registration process,” he remarked.
When asked if President Yahya Jammeh’s home village is a no-go-area for other political parties, Dodou Jah unequivocally stated that “Kanilai cannot be a no-go-area for any political party.”
“Everybody has a right to go there,” he added.
Written by Abdoulie John
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