The Fatu Network, a Gambian online platform has been cancelled by the supporters of the main opposition United Democratic Party (UDP), Freedom Newspaper can report. Over one thousand UDP supporters have unfollowed the network on Monday, accusing the media platform of allowing comedian Ebou Bah, AKA Baba Jah, to use their platform to insult their party leader Ousainou Darboe.

The UDP Fatu Network boycott followed a recent interview comedian Muhammed Darboe, the host of the “Tonyaa Kesso” show, had with Baba Jah, in which his guest Baba Jah dropped a bombshell revelation, hinting that the UDP leader Ousainou Darboe had a son outside wedlock. He said Darboe’s “secret son” lives in the US state of Seattle, Washington.

According to the comedian, Darboe, was advised by an Indian magician to sacrifice one of his kids to the devils in a bid to ascend to the Presidency. But he said Darboe’s two wives have become old and could not have babies.


The politician, he claimed, then allegedly impregnated one of his secret mistresses now living in the United States. “They had a disabled baby boy. I know the baby mama of Darboe’s secret son. We all live in Seattle. Darboe never followed the Indian marabouts’ advise. He was told to sacrifice a child that he had fathered legally, not a baby he got outside wedlock,” he claimed.

Baba Jah also alleged that during his past dealings with Darboe, he also discovered that the respected Gambian popular politician was also allegedly involved in idol worshiping. He claimed to have onetime accompanied Darboe to an idol worshiping site located in the Kombos.

The comedian’s demeaning and disturbing exposure of  Ousainou Darboe had caused a firestorm on social media, with UDP supporters calling for the boycott of the Fatu Network.  Among those leading the campaign is lawyer Yanks Darboe, an Executive member of the party.

“I also support the boycott of Fatu Network by the UDP supporters. I think the level of garbage entertained by the network against our party is simply vile!  I will not be appearing on any of their media engagements from henceforth,” Yanks Darboe wrote on his Facebook timeline.

“You cannot invite clowns to spew vile at my leader and expect my love for your platform!  Doff rek! I have boycotted many platforms in the past, they include Freedom, Barrow media, Star TV! Let’s say I have added Fatu Network,” he added.

In response, the Fatu Network CEO Fatu Camara remarked: “ And this is coming from an Executive member, imagine if this guy becomes our Justice Minister.”

Across Facebook platforms operated by the supporters of the main opposition UDP, numerous calls were made for the party and its supporters to boycott the Fatou Network. They have accused the network CEO of cherry picking on people she protects from being insulted on her network.

“When businessman Abubacarr Jawara, the businessman, accused of trafficking guns into the country, appeared on her network, she threatens to delete derogatory comments critical of Mr. Jawara. She also threatens to block people commenting on her page. She said she was not going to allow anyone to insult Abubacarr Jawara. The same Fatu Camara allowed Baba Jah to insult our party leader on her network. What a double standard? She is not consistent at all,” one of the callers of the UDP online platforms stated.

Throughout on Monday, the Fatu Network has been taking heat from the angry UDP supporters.

“Saihou Saidily, I need you to stop tagging me in your nonsense. If you guys want to boycott The Fatu Network, please go ahead and do so and stop tagging me on trash. What some of you all did to other media houses will NEVER be allowed at The Fatu Network, we will NOT be controlled,” Fatu Camara wrote on her timeline.

“Boycotting us in an election year is your loss not ours. We are already established nationally and internationally. If some of you think intimidation and threats are the way to go, be informed that they do not work with me,” she added.

Ms. Camara also said she owes no obligation to the UDP, adding that she is using her own funds to fund her network.

“I have invested my hard earned money without a single loan from anyone/anywhere, TFN will NEVER be dictated, period! You cannot put in a complaint then turn around and want to dictate a whole institution as to how to address it. Go ahead and call for a boycott, just keep in mind that it’s election year and the silent majority is watching,” she said.

Gambian human rights activist Pa Samba Jaw was opposed to the cancellation of the Fatu Network. He thinks that the UDP supporters are overreacting.

“In as much as I do not condone the Baba Jah interview on Tonya Kesso, I find the calls to boycott the The Fatu Network, especially from some executive members of the UDP as both rash and counterproductive. I stand in total and unflinching solidarity with Fatu Camara and The Fatu Network,” Jaw wrote.

Mr. Darboe hasn’t yet reacted to Baba Jah’s damning allegations. But he has implored his supporters on Monday during a meeting to ignore insults directed at him. He also implored them not to be tempted by provocation to venue into violent retaliations.

But his supporters have decided to weigh in on his behalf. They have declared a cancel culture against the Fatu Network.

In her reaction, Tukulorr Sey, the President of the Fatu Network wrote:

“I have a very soft spot for Mr Darboe and all the political elders because they endured a lot during dictatorship. Also, all who know me, know that I do not ascribe to insults and demeaning of others. It makes me sick and disgusted. All have agreed that what happened on Tonyaa Kesso was not appropriate. Thus, I was relieved when the CEO Fatu Camara announced on For The People By The People Show that she and TFN Editor Lamin Njie have spoken to Muhammed. She further stated that she will address the issue internally.

I am quite certain Muhammed will see this experience as a learning curve, and control his platform moving forward. He has a promising career and I don’t see him allowing others to control his narrative. I bet this is a hard lesson learned.

I humbly accepted to be President of The Fatu Network because I was there when the proprietor built it from the ground up. I was there when all of us went to work and fought against dictatorship, but Fatu chose to stay home and maintain programs on Fatu Radio because it was one of the few outlets that dared bring the fight through the airwaves. The stories on TFN were and are still the outlet for Gambians and the international community. Thus, I have no doubt this institution will continue thriving. I am proud of the team we have because each person thrives on making sure they produce stories and programs for Gambians. We have a staff that works hard and are professional, and I implore them to continue the work many revere.

Less than a week ago, I wrote on my wall that Gambian Facebook is toxic. Politics comes and goes, but we must preserve the relationships we build! During our fight to end dictatorship, I made friends who are now family, and politics will not let me severe those ties because they are my brothers and sisters. Never!

It is only July and things are getting nasty. I pray for our beloved Gambia that many sacrificed their lives for, to remain standing come December. Ameen.”

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