The Gambian Police are investigating an incident that appears to be an arson attack at the home of a former Gambian army General Lamin Satu Bojang, reliable sources have intimated to Freedom Newspaper. The former General’s Brufut home was the scene of an arson attack. His vehicle was torched by unknown criminals. It was set up on fire.

The perpetrator(s) are at large. No one has been arrested yet.

The circumstances surrounding the attack is unknown. The police have interviewed Mr. Bojang.


Bojang was recently a victim of an online scam. He was lured into phone sex by scammers operating from Benin, with his private parts exposed on social media. The former General now turned politician was subsequently expelled from the Gambia Action Party (GAP). He later set up his own party.

Attempts to reach Bojang for comment proved futile.

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