Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

A top surrogate of the National People’s Party Dr. Demba Sabally has branded the opposition United Democratic Party (UDP) as a violent political party that survives on lies and insulting its opponents, Freedom Newspaper can report. Sabally was speaking today at a meeting held in Jimara.

“If you want peace, development, and national sovereignty please vote for President Adama Barrow. The NPP is a party of peace and development. The UDP is a violent party, it is a party that insults people, don’t vote for UDP,” Sabally told NPP Jimara supporters. He spoke in the local Fulani dialect.


Sabally also notes that the UDP’s only known trademark is being a vibrant opposition, but he added that the UDP is not good at governing.

“The UDP is not good at governing. They are only good at serving as an opposition, that is their specialty. They are good at serving as an opposition, but not running a country. When it comes to governance, that is not their calling. They will continue to remain in the opposition,” he added.

Sabally did not spare the other existing opposition parties. He took a swipe at GDC, CA and PDOIS.

“The GDC is a dead party, they know that. It is not a party that is getting close to the Presidency. That’s a fact. Since they cannot win, they want President Barrow to be at their stagnant level. President Barrow is a winner, and nothing can stop him,” he said.

“I will also advise you to bear in mind that if you vote for Citizens’ Alliance, you are voting for UDP. If you vote for PDOIS, you are voting for UDP. If you vote for GDC, you are also voting for the UDP. If you want continued peace, stability, development, and prosperity, vote for the NPP, vote for President Barrow,” Dr. Sabally remarked.

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