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Deadly and dangerous criminals who were detained at the Brusibi, Kairaba and Kanifing police stations have escaped from lawful custody, trusted sources in the heart of The Gambia police force have told Freedom Newspaper. The escaped accused persons are facing various criminal charges, ranging from armed robbery, rape, assault and stealing. They are currently on the run, they are at large, and the police are yet to inform the public about the major escape of the detainees, sources told us.

The three police stations were hit on the same week, with detained accused persons breaking their cells in the presence of officers on duties. The incident happened at night.

The officers on duty, who were supposed to secure the cells, were either sleeping or are allegedly complicit in the secret escape of the detainees, one source told us. The negligent officers are yet to be reprimanded for their abdication of duties, our source added.

According to one of our trusted sources, a hacksaw blade was used to break the cell at the Brusubi police station.

“A hacksaw blade was smuggled into the cell. The detainees used the hacksaw to damage the cell window at the Brusubi police. The cell is right next to the charge office. The officers were on duty when the incident happened. Seven detained accused persons have escaped from the Brusibi police. They were charged with various offenses. Some of them were going to court, they have escaped,” said our source.

The Brusibi police detainees escaped in the early hours of Friday morning.

Deputy Superintendent Gibril Camara is the station officer of the Brusubi station. Seven detainees have escaped from his station.

Similar escape of detainees was reported at the Kairaba and Kanifing police stations respectively.

“Like what happened at Brusibi police, detained accused persons used hacksaw blade to break their cells at the two police stations, Kairaba and Kanifing. Dozens of detained suspects have escaped from custody. The story is yet to be picked up by the local media here. It happened last week,” said another source.

Commissioner Omar Darboe is the officer responsible for the KMC region.

The police spokesman Superintendent Lamin Njie was in bed when contacted for comment via text message.  We began by first saying hi to him.  He then responded:  “Hello sir, sorry I am in bed I will revert back.”

Our Editor then told him: “Just trying to solicit your reaction on the escape of detained accused persons at the Brusubi, Kairaba, and police stations respectively. Do you have any info on that?”

We are yet to receive a response from spokesman Njie.

For now, the escaped criminals are at large. They are yet to be apprehended.

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