Oh South Africa Don’t Come Close

South Africa is on my mind and how one decision can spark so much fire all in the name of defending one person. Here we are fighting justice, but at the same time many activists that live in the most democratic of nations today will not do everything possible to wipe the blood stains of their former brothers and sisters. No compensation for slavery, but instead they are busy still working there and not free with invincible shackles of slavery.
Now, put in perspective that the most powerful nation decided not to punish Saudi Arabia for one precious journalist, all because of National interest. Do you think they couldn’t? Oh yes they could, but even the mightiest of country’s is smart. Go to South Africa and see over 72 lives gone, and after 15months, the corrupted leader walks free. I remember holding banners giving our dictator hell in New York with my comrades, but when Former President Zuma came, we applauded him thinking he was way better.
Fast forward to our situation, we still have activist calling for justice with their mouths in the tiniest of Africa, but when the flames are on, they will be far away on the shores of America and Europe saying, “we can’t even get through the lines, or what’s happening.” Oh how I wish they were all here so that we could see when a dictator was captured in their wishes of January 21st, 2017. Oh how I wish it never comes through that this so called justice will light up this small Gambia because all they have are their mouths, and they won’t save none of you when the going gets tough. Stop drumming the sounds of war and anarchy and braise up to live along side your people. Stop acting like justice will finally bring closure cause in our case, it will bring disaster in the smallest, “shithole.” I didn’t call it that, but one of your Presidents did.
Let us learn from Ghana, cause National Reconciliation is the only way forward for small Gambia. Celebrating justice of one man doesn’t put food on the table for many. It doesn’t bring the dead to life. It doesn’t make us any more safe cause we live in a nation that is fragile, and can easily end up like Sierra Leone or Liberia may God forbid. If you are not selfish, come and live with us. Come and suffer with us! If not, may what you wish for this country end up on your heads, cause only a fool will sit here and wait for the architects of chaos to get what they want. Senegal might even not be a safe spot to look from when the drums of anarchy start in Gambia. A word for the wise is enough. I shall decide to stick with Love cause Hate is too much to bear as Martin Luther King Jr once put it.


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