Ebou Bah, AKA Baba Jah, a Gambian comedian and also a strong supporter of President Adama Barrow’s National People’s Party (NPP) was a victim of stray bullet attack this past Thursday in the State of Seattle, Washington. Bah said he was on the road driving when a bullet landed into his car window. Bah wasn’t harmed, but his car window was damaged.

“I have reported the matter to the Seattle police. I do not know who is behind the shooting. The matter is being investigated,” Mr. Bah told Freedom Newspaper on Sunday.

A native of Kombo Brikama, Ebou Bah, in recent weeks, has trended on social media, amid allegations of extra marital affairs he peddled against the leader of the main opposition United Democratic Party (UDP).  Bah has accused Darboe of having a baby outside wedlock. He has also accused the opposition leader of idol worshiping.


Mr. Bah, has accused Darboe of allegedly sacrificing  his son in a bid to ascend to the Presidency. Darboe hasn’t yet responded to Mr. Bah’s allegations.

However, his supporters have been using social media to castigate Mr. Bah for what they called “his disrespectful and false allegations against their esteemed leader.”

Bah has taken down the video that he had earlier posted on Facebook, bragging about his African “jujus” that he had, which protected him from bullet that hits his car.

“It was wrong for me to post that video. I have taken it down. The matter is with the police,” he said.

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