As usual of my WhatsApp account every morning, I woke up to a news article from The Standard Newspaper titled “Victims outraged by ‘poorest reparations’ ask gov’t for rescue” that was forwarded to me by a friend. And going through it, I found the justification of the outrage by the victims on the monetary compensation the TRRC has settled on giving them with the report stating that the most affected victim being those that have been ‘killed” getting D600,000.

What an insult to the families of those victims?


Sitting here, I kept asking myself the rhetorical question; what is D600K in today’s Gambia?

The answer to this question is known to all Gambians and not only those victims being further insulted by the greedy and heartless folks at the TRRC that chose their pockets over the plight of the very people they shamelessly used as pawns and paraded in front of the world in pursuit of their selfish motives. However, whenever I argue about the ordinary Gambian being on average a mirror image of the very things they daily sing about the leadership, many feel insulted even when it is known to be the unrefined truth about us as a people.

What more should we wait for before we call this act by the bunch at the TRRC as looting of the highest magnitude in our country’s history?

How much has each commissioner at the scam been paid as monthly salary over the course of the 2 years?

What is the average monthly salary of the folks at the secretariat?

How many of them have turned into millionaires in just two years of a money-making scheme?

Yeah, I hear their naked excuses of “shortage of funds” but they forgot to buy pants for those excuses at the SK market on their way home.

See, if all the stuffs of former President Jammeh that the government ceased but micromanaged by the deceitful Ba Tambedou and his kabudu of disgruntled, heartless, and shameless folks like Nyang Njie et al were treated with an open tender and sold transparently as done in serious nations, I promise you that each victim would have gone home with a minimum of D1M.

But naiy, all that Ba Tambedou and Co were after is to simply share the luxuries of Jammeh that they have long envied while resting not their big estuaries called mouths on their hypocritical and deceitful advocacy for justice as means of further blinding the gullible.

Who knows how much Amadou Scattred Janneh is making from founding the so-called Victims’ center?

Yes I know Gambians would not be bothered about finding out because most of them are unaware of the scam involved in the establishment and maintenance of 501s by scammers like Mr. Janneh that prey on the souls of the vulnerable in society especially in Africa for their own enrichment.

The question I intend to end this piece with is how do people like Ba Tambedou and cabal go to bed every night with the knowledge of the enormous ribaa inhabiting their bellies?

This worries me a lot, but the comfort they found in doing so does not surprise me any bit because Gambians are on average a people that finds comfort in dwelling on the sufferings of the vulnerable – and this is evidently seen on a daily basis in our homes, streets and offices. And of the very reasons I have protested times without number that the call for justice we are daily being polluted with by some selfish and disgruntled folks has never benefited the ordinary masses in Africa to which I have been vindicated by the Janneh Commission and now the TRRC as shown by people that never neared trouble yesterday leaving and living as millionaires while the affected are left to survive from the leftovers of that fat meal.

What a society?

I sincerely pray for Allah, on the blessings of this holy day of Arafat, to curse all those that enabled and/or are living on haram at the cost of the sufferings of the victims, both here and in the hereafter while pleading on government to come to the rescue of these helpless folks that the TRRC used as pawns.

Thank you for reading and Eid Kareem to you all.

Muhammed Teks Tekanyi

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