Gambia’s exiled leader Yahya Jammeh has given his approval for the APRC to form an alliance with President Barrow’s National People’s NPP, reliable sources have intimated. “Jammeh doesn’t want to see a UDP government in The Gambia, he prefers Barrow than seeing Darboe ascending to the Presidency,” said our source.

Jammeh came to power through a military coup in July of 1994. He later transformed the AFPRC military junta into a political party called the APRC.  He lost the December 2016 elections to a barely unknown person Adama Barrow.

According to reliable sources, Jammeh has been in contact with the Barrow State House on the issue of his party forming a merger with the NPP.


“One of the promises given to Jammeh was for a pardon to be given to him if he helps the NPP to win the December 4th elections. His seized assets would also be returned to him. He would also be allowed to return to The Gambia as a former statesman,” sources hinted.

“President Barrow has been using some influential Foni folks to rally support in the Fonis. He recently gave D200,000 dalasis to a former army chief for him to give the money to the people of Foni. There was this program hosted in Foni, Barrow said that was his contribution to the program. He is using money and job promises to buy support in the APRC, and Foni,” said our source.

Jammeh has been living in exile in Equatorial Guinea since January of 2017. He was forced into exile following his refusal to accept the results of the December 2nd elections.

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