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Another major corruption scandal has been uncovered at the Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC) with the Council’s Chief Executive Officer Sainabou Martin Sonko, being accused of stealing seven million dalasis (D7 million dalasis) from the KMC, through fake invoicing in respect of a plot of land that she had acquired for the council, Freedom Newspaper can authoritatively report. The scamming incident happened recently, amid repeated calls from the Mayor Talib Bensouda and his Deputy Pa Musa Bah, who have called on CEO Sonko to resign from her position, but the CEO wouldn’t resigned.

According to credible sources close to the Mayor’s office, CEO Sainabou Martin Sonko, has recently processed a land acquisition transaction for the council and she over billed the KMC with an eleven million dalasis (D11million dalasis) invoice when the land in question was bought for four million dalasis (D4million dalasis), sources told us. She walked away with D7 million dalasis, that she has stolen from council, even though she knew that the land was bought for D4million dalasis, sources added.

“The CEO handles council’s procurement(s). What happened is that she used a third-party land dealer to inflate the price of the land that she bought for the KMC. On paper, she reported that she bought the land for D11million dalasis. Council later found out that the land was bought for D4million dalasis. The deal went south. She was first asked to refund the stolen money, but she couldn’t refund it. The Mayor Talib Bensouda and his Deputy Pa Musa Bah, have been calling on her to resign but she refused. She is still working at the KMC. This is a lady, who has done deals with some of them, they can’t force her to leave, she will expose them,” our source alleged.

Sainabou Martin Sonko is a strong supporter of the main opposition United Democratic Party (UDP). She was hired CEO when Talib Bensouda got elected Mayor of the KMC.

“She recently visited Musa Drammeh, the Lands Minister, to seek the Minister’s backing. She ran to Musa Drammeh to seek support from him. She thinks that Musa Drammeh can come to her aid. As we speak, Council hasn’t reported the matter to the police for her to be charged for stealing by clerk. Her case is being treated as an internal issue at the KMC. She has broken law, but no one out there, dares to report the incident to the police,” our source added.

The KMC has recently been engulfed in corruption scandals. The Council’s Deputy Mayor Pa Musa Bah, has been accused of soliciting one million dalasis bribe from Ecotech, a charge the company CEO Farimang Max Manneh denied.

In her biography info, published on Facebook, she said she got a master’s degree in public Sector Management.  Source:  https://www.facebook.com/1699310063515786/posts/introducing-the-new-ceo-of-the-kanifing-municipal-council-her-name-is-sainabou-m/2774360826010699/

Below is the CEO’s autobiography.


Introducing the new CEO of the Kanifing Municipal Council, Her Name is Sainabou Martin Sonko and here is her CV:

Academic Qualifications

2015​- Master of Public Sector Management (Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration)

2012​​​​- BSc. Management Science (University of The Gambia)

1999​​​​- GCE A’ Level Certificate (Gambia High School)

1997​​​​- GCE O’ Level Certificate (Nusrat High School)

On the Job Trainings

2019​- Administrative Management Skills (Management Development and Productivity Institute, Ghana)

2013​- Strategic Planning and Implementation (University of The Gambia Consulting and Professional Development)

2006​- Certificate in Information Technology (Gambia Telecommunications Multimedia Institute)

2004​- Diploma in Management Studies (Management Development Institute)

Work Experience

2018-The Gambia Bureau of Statistics (GBoS) as Director, Administration and

Human Resources with effect from September

Major Roles:

  • To direct and lead the work of staff of the Directorate;
  • To prepare the Directorate’s quarterly and Annual Work Programme and Budget;
  • To prepare the Directorate’s Annual Report;
  • To manage the development of sound Human Resource Policies and Procedures for GBoS;
  • To ensure the sound implementation of GBoS Recruitment Strategy;
  • To manage the design and implementation of a sound Performance Management System for GBoS;
  • To Manage the design and implementation of a Training and Development Programme to ensure high quality professional staff;
  • To report regularly to the Deputy Statistician General – Corporate Services of GBoS the progress of the Directorate’s outputs and activities and regularly brief the SG on progress made and issues arising.

I started work at Gambia Telecommunications Company Limited (GAMTEL) in 2001, and in 2016; I was deployed to its subsidiary mobile company, Gambia Telecommunications Cellular Company Limited (GAMCEL).

March 2016 – August 2018: Senior Manager, Human Resources/Administration


Major roles:

  • Overall supervision of HR, Administrative and Payroll staff of Gamtel/Gamcel
  • Supervise the administration of the In-house medical policy concerning staff members and declare work-related accidents, request for inclusion and withdrawal of names therein in accordance with the In-house medical policy
  • Contribute to the preparation of the department’s Activity Report for submission as and when required including to the National Assembly
  • Assist the director in the processing of staff performance appraisal forms
  • Prepare information relating to positions to be advertised, monitor the publication of vacancies and participate in the analysis and short-listing of candidates
  • Prepare the minutes or reports of Senior Management meetings and ensure the timely implementation of the action points
  • Closely monitor the Information System on Human Resources, including the Payroll
  • Monitor the preparation of the input for the computation of salaries and statements regarding social security contributions and taxes
  • Carry out all other tasks assigned by the Director, Human Resources (Gamtel/Gamcel)

2014 – 2016: Acting Manager, Training and Development (Gamtel)

  • General coordination and facilitation of the training and development staff of the Company, as well as preparations of the annual Manpower Plans.
  • Critically analyze skill gaps in line with the strategic business objectives of the Company to help Management make an informed decision with regards to recruitment and succession planning to bridge identified existing gaps
  • Compile the training needs analysis of all departments of the Company for review of the Training Committee and development of annual training plans
  • Coordinate performance appraisal of staff and recommend necessary training and development programmes to enhance/reinforce performance of staff

2010 – 2014: Company Secretarial Officer (Gamtel)

  • Writing of general correspondence – internal and external
  • Supervise the Registry staff – processing of incoming and outgoing correspondence
  • Liaison between the office and Government Ministries and other institutions
  • Arrange and manage service contracts – office equipment, vehicles, tenancy agreements, etc
  • Make travel arrangements for staff including visa processing and airport receptions
  • Manage the company’s insurance portfolio
  • Assist the Manager in the organization of international meetings/conferences
  • Assist the Company Secretary in the organization of Board Meetings
  • Assist in the procurement of office equipment and supplies
  • Write minutes of senior management meetings/bilateral meetings
  • Carry out all other duties assigned by the Senior Manager Human Resources

2006 – 2010: Manpower Planning/Administrative Assistant (Gamtel)

  • Assist the Administrative Officer in the daily administrative routines

2001 – 2006: Marketing Clerk (Gamtel)

  • Attend to Customers and their needs
  • Gather information and organize data for the office based on customer feedbacks
  • Make travel arrangements for the Marketing Department and schedule conferences
  • Carry out all other duties assigned by my supervisor

Key Competencies

  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Effective Communication skills
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Excellent ICT and presentation skills
  • Ability to work in a team
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