The Mayor of the Kanifing Municipal Council Talib Bensouda is on the run, as he shamefully tried to avoid the Freedom Newspaper, amid allegations that he is running Gambia’s most corrupt municipal council.  The Mayor wouldn’t want to speak to us. Efforts to have him react to allegations, suggesting that he is harboring the council’s Chief Executive Officer Sainabou Martin Sonko, who has been accused of stealing seven million dalasis from the council (D7million) proved futile.

When contacted earlier by phone, Mayor Bensouda picked up the phone and said: “Hello.

Our Editor in response said: “Good afternoon.


Bensouda in response said: Good afternoon.

Our Editor then said: Can I speak to Mayor Bensouda please?”

The panic-stricken chicken-hearted Mayor then hung up the phone. He wouldn’t pick up a subsequent phone call from us. He let the phone to ring to voicemail.

Both Mayor Bensouda and his Deputy Pa Musa Bah have been avoiding the Freedom Newspaper since our publication on the rising corruption web at the KMC. The duos have been in hiding. They wouldn’t respond to Freedom Newspaper media queries.

The Mayor has woefully failed to report the theft case involving his CEO Sainabou Martin Sonko to the police. Mrs. Sonko has been accused of stealing D7milion dalasis from the council.

The alleged theft got to do with a land that she had purchased for the council. She bought the land for D4 million dalasis, but she decided to fabricate a purchasing price of eleven million dalasis (D11million). She then pocketed the remaining D7million dalasis, which she defrauded from the council through fake invoicing.

The Mayor’s failure to turn in Mrs. Sonko has raises doubts in the minds of KMC insiders. It is not clear if the Mayor has something to hide, but all indications suggest that he is treating the stolen KMC D7million dalasis as an internal issue.

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